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The entire focus of this website is to teach all levels of crochet lessons, share tips and tricks that I've learned from 50 years of playing with this craft, and share patterns associated with those lessons. Take a moment to bookmark this site now, so you can always come back.

My name is Sandy Marie. As of June 2016 I’ve been crocheting for 50 years. I love trying new ideas and stretching what many may call the limits of this fiber art form.

Why is that important to you? Because along with standard lessons, that everyone is sharing, you’ll also learn tips and tricks, and you’ll be challenged to try something different. It’s my goal to help you get the creative side of your brain going and teach you how to step beyond basic crochet and following other people’s patterns. You’ll be able to decide if you want to relax and just crochet something pretty, or dive in and create something unique.

Some of the Newest Things on Moms Crochet

I love adding new things to Moms Crochet, and going back over 'old' lessons to make them better. If you want a quick look at the newest things (or updated pages), this is the place to find them. I will always put the newest item on the top.

Windowpane Earrings
Filet Crochet Square

The Windowpane Earrings are a fun way to practice making Filet Crochet Squares (see below). They are causal, can be matched to any outfit or mood, easy to make, and light as a feather.

These were very popular, in my area, during the 60's and 70's and boasted wild, bold colors and sometimes extreme sizes. The earrings you see pictured are only 1.5 inches wide.

Free Patternhttp://www.moms-crochet.com/windowpane-earrings.html

Filet Crochet Square
Lesson 1: Basics

This technique had a surge of use back in the 1970's when Granny Squares were the ‘thing’. As Granny Squares lost popularity, so did this technique. Today it’s hard to find anything about it. Because I was crocheting back then (yes, I’m that old), I learned how to do this by watching others, trying, failing, and finally ‘getting it’, lol.

Free Lessonhttp://www.moms-crochet.com/filet-crochet-square-basics.html

Hard Crochet Little Bag

This pattern is written specifically to go with Hard Crochet Lesson 1. Make something fun with your new skill.

Use this bag for makeup, perfect size for a little girl's purse, and great for organizing all kinds of small things. The top folds down to expose the contents, making everything easy to see. When you're done just fold the top back up, pull the drawstrings and go.

Free Pattern: http://www.moms-crochet.com/hardcrochetbag.html

Mom's Crochet Logo Flower

This flower has been a part of this website from the beginning. I found the 'real' flower in the yarn of a friend in Florida, while I was visiting. I was so struck by how pretty the little thing was that I sat down in the yard and crocheted a flower that looked as close as I could get. The crochet version became the Logo for the website.

Free Pattern:

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