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Moms Crochet is designed to help people who love crochet, or who want to learn crochet, create beauty one stitch at a time. Through our Free Lessons (see the navigation on the left), all the Patterns, Stitch Patterns to help your craft grow, and even the little tips & tricks, my goal is to help.

A word from Mom's Crochet:
This Poncho Vest can by made long or short, and sized to fit.
Click here for Free online pattern with Free PDF download.
Breezy Poncho Vest

Have you ever been stuck on a pattern, just don't know why your item looks different, or just feel alone and disconnected from others who also enjoy crochet? Me too! I can remember making something, putting hours or days (weeks or months) into a project, just to have the people around me say something like, "That's nice," after hardly looking at it.

Things have change now, but it was the feeling of let down, and of being disconnected, that started Moms Crochet. We ALL need community that understands. Even if its just one other person that fully understands all the work and love we've put into a project. My solution was to create this website, and to create our Newsletter (use the form on the right to join us), and facebook page, in order to create a community of people who LOVE crochet as much as I do.

The results have warmed my heart. The facebook community is growing steadily. I make it a point to share patterns from all over the Internet from many different designers. The newsletter is also growing (use this link to see the newsletter archive). Not only do I share the patterns (so no one misses out), I also give little tips & tricks, or talk about things that are relevant, or happening in the crochet world.

In the "old world" the only way to get community was to join a local club. Clubs are still a wonderful idea, but with today's busy life style its just not always possible to find a group close to you. Today we HAVE the Internet, and the Internet gives us the ability to join together, at Moms Crochet, from all around the world. THIS can increase our craft by leaps and bounds, giving us all the opportunity to excel much faster than ever before.

* Bookmark this website and come back OFTEN. I'm always working on new things to share.

* Join us on facebook and help us share even more ideas. The more people we have working together, the faster we can all grow in our craft.

* Join the newsletter. Everything shared is always available in the archive and this will help you stay up to date on new things.

* Tell all your crochet friends about us.

The most common mistake crocheters make is to go it alone. You don't have to be alone in this craft. So JOIN Moms Crochet, and lets start creating Beauty, one stitch at a time - TOGETHER.

FUN on Mom's Crochet

Ladies Beaded Necktie
A FREE Pattern and PDF to enjoy.
Ladies Beaded Necktie

Change Color Lesson
With Video and FREE PDF
Change Color No Knot

Breezy Poncho Vest
With FREE PDF. YOU pick your length.
Breezy Poncho Vest

Connected Squares
A stitch pattern to love, no sewing.
Connected Squares Stitch Pattern

Happy Crocheting!
From Mom's Crochet
and Sandy Marie
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