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Are you looking for free crochet lessons? I believe that ALL crochet lessons should be free. So relax and enjoy learning something new. Use the links at the top of the website to find something you might be interested in. Many more are being added on a regular basis.

Are you looking for free crochet patterns? All of the patterns are unique, and designed by me. The Santa Fe Sun Hat, that I'm wearing in the picture to the left, is a good example. You can visit the Free Patterns Index Page by clicking here, and see some of the other patterns I've created. My patterns are created with as much love as the item itself was. I enjoy using pictures to show people how to do something, as well as just the written pattern.

In addition you'll find free stitch patterns, free decals, and free squares all designed to get your creative mind going. Did you know that fewer than 20% of all crocheters actually follow a pattern exactly? That's the artist in all of us. We have to add our own 'signature' (of a sort) to everything we make. That's only one reason why crochet is so much fun.

The whole idea behind Moms Crochet is to share the craft of crochet, and have fun doing so. I've been crocheting since 1966 (yes, that's 50 years ago, lol) and I've learned a thing or two along the way. Now it's time for me to share, just like so many people shared their knowledge with me. 

Some of the Newest Things on Moms Crochet

I love adding new things to Moms Crochet, and going back over 'old' lessons to make them better. If you want a quick look at the newest things (or updated things), this is the place to find them. I will always put the newest item on the top.

Chevron Ski Hat

With a cuff big enough to cover your full ears, and single crochet construction, you'll be making a very warm hat. Pattern features sizes Small, Medium, and Large, and comes with a PDF you can download.

Christmas Plaid Square

The Christmas Plaid Square is part lesson / part pattern. There are full instructions on the page and you can download the free PDF.

It comes with the full intarsia graph in order to make the square you see to the left. So if you just want to make the squares (which make great trivets by the way) you can just do that.

However, it also teaches how to create your own plaid design, and how to extend your design to make whatever you like.

The Autumn Square

The Autumn Square is a combination of 3 things previously taught. It combines the Simple Square, Cluster Flowers Stitch Pattern, and Fall Leaves.

It teaches how to turn a corner with Cluster Flowers to make blanket edgings, and how to crochet the Fall Leaves on top of the square.

Cluster Flowers Stitch Pattern

Cluster Flowers Stitch Pattern may seem difficult at first, but just follow the steps, and pretty soon you won't need to think about what you are doing. This stitch pattern uses Half Double Crochet and Double Crochet.

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