Daisy Kitchen Set
Crochet Some Spring & Summer

The Daisy Kitchen Set includes the pattern for 3 wonderful items for your kitchen. The best part is that you crochet the Daisy onto the items as you make them.

1) The Daisy Crochet Potholder: 8.5 inches square, doubled for protection, with one cute daisy on the outside.

2) The Daisy Crochet Trivet: 10 inches square, designed to lift hot dishes away from your table and disburse the heat away.

3) The Matching Crochet Dishcloth: 10.5 inches square, a hard working partner in your kitchen.

Daisy Kitchen Set

A word from Mom's Crochet:
Create some fun Fall Leaves to decorate clothing
or your home. You can find the free pattern here:
Create a cute Fall Leaf

Materials & Tools
* Yarn: I used Peaches & Cream, Worsted, 4 - ply, 2.5 oz balls - 1 White, 1 Sunshine, and 2 Forest Green. It's very important that you use 100% cotton for this set as the fiber must be able to withstand heat.

* Hook: I used Boye, an H / 8 - 5.00 MM, and an I / 9 - 5.50 MM

* Other: A scissors. And I use a darning needle to hide some ends.


Test your smaller size hook to find one that gives you equal, in Single Crochet (sc), stitches and rows that make a square. It's okay to be a little off as the edging will pull the items into a square. What ever smaller hook gives you close to a square, you should also add one hook that's one size up.

Your items may not end up with the exact measurements I did. Everyone crochets a little different.

This pattern is designed to be enjoyed with your Amazon Kindle. I take my patterns on the road with me and a Kindle is the perfect companion. Compact, easy to use, and you never loose your place.

You can also find free Kindle apps here. For example; I do a lot of reading on my computer using the Kindle app for PC

Many people have several devices. I've found a program called Calibre that helps me manage all my ebooks and devices and sends all my patterns to any device I'm going to be using, even PDF so I can print.

The Daisy Kitchen Set on Kindle

I made The Daisy Kitchen Set for my Mother for Valentine's Day. By us winters can be very long and snowy, and I wanted to bring some sunshine, Spring, and Summer into her kitchen. The set is very easy to crochet and even made me feel happy while I was making it. So now Mom is talking about other matching accessories, ha ha.



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