Mom in Her Kerchief
and I in my Cap ...

The Kerchief is called a scarf or bandana today. This style of head wear has been around for a very long time. Perhaps because it is such a useful and beautiful item. No time to fix your hair? Put this beautiful hat on and the problem is instantly fixed. The band is basic single crochet the rest is done in a beautiful filet crochet style that isn't hard to do at all.

Kerchief: Both Sizes

A word from Mom's Crochet:
Create some fun Fall Leaves to decorate clothing
or your home. You can find the free pattern here:
Create a cute Fall Leaf

The short version is designed for shorter hair cuts.

Kerchief for shorter hair cuts.

The long version works with longer hair.

Kerchief for longer hair.

Materials & Tools
* Yarn: I used Red Heart Holiday, Cream and Gold for this pattern. This is listed as 4 ply, however I've noted its closer to 3 ply sport weight. Check your gauge carefully before you begin. What makes a beautiful, and very soft Bandana is Caron's Simply Soft. In either case you'll need about 2 ounces for the short version, and 3 ounces for the long version.

* Crochet Hook: Boye brand H/8 - 5.00 mm. I also use a size F/5 - 3.75 mm for weaving in the loose ends.

* Additional Tools: Small Scissors, Yarn Needle.

* Gauge: 15 Single Crochet stitches = 4 inches - rows are not important.
Gauge is important as it could end up too loose for your head if you are using a thicker yarn. Because the Kerchief ties in back its okay to have it a little smaller, but not much as it may not cover your ears if its too small.

If you would like a refresher on Single Crochet (sc) you can find it here:

The basic filet crochet is explained within the pattern.

The Crochet Scarf is designed to be 21 inches around the brim. If you are going to adjust size make sure that your chain number is always divisible by 3 (divisible by 3 + 1 to make your turn and crochet back).

This pattern is designed to be enjoyed with your Amazon Kindle. I take my patterns on the road with me and a Kindle is the perfect compainion. Compact, easy to use, and you never loose your place.

You can also find free Kindle apps here. For example; I do a lot of reading on my computer using the Kindle app for PC

Many people have several devices. I've found a program called Calibre that helps me manage all my ebooks and devices and sends all my patterns to any device I'm going to be using, even PDF so I can print.

Mom In Her Kerchief - Kindle Pattern Cover

Filet Crochet Style Body
Although this is not really a lesson in Filet Crochet the Kerchief uses the basic concept for the body of the work. Filet Crochet is done by thinking in blocks or squares - rather than stitches. One main difference with this pattern is that you'll be using Triple Crochet (tc), instead of the standard Double Crochet (dc) used in most Filet Crochet.



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