Mattress Stitch Basics
a.k.a The Invisible Stitch

The Mattress Stitch joins two pieces of work together with a sturdy seam that becomes almost invisible. The best part of this stitch is that there is no lump or ridge (as would be left with a slip stitch or single crochet seam).

I’ve heard, many times, that the ‘sewing’ is the least fun for most people. They limit themselves to patterns that work in a round - just to avoid sewing. This stitch is so easy that you’ll love doing it - and working with it will open the doors to many ‘shaped’ patterns, and beautiful yarn, wool, or cotton handmade garments.

2 squares joined together with a Mattress Stitch

As a general rule of thumb, if you know you’re going to sew something together - leave a tail that’s about 3 to 4 times the finished length of the piece. This way you don’t have to tie sewing thread on and there’s less loose ends to hide later.

A word from Mom's Crochet:
This Poncho Vest can by made long or short, and sized to fit.
Click here for Free online pattern with Free PDF download.
Breezy Poncho Vest

needle from right Thread your yarn needle and insert it in the TOP, first stitch of the opposite piece. Its VERY important to remember to ALWAYS go from the outside to the inside (or seam side).
needle from left Then repeat this process - from outside to inside - in the next top thread of the opposite piece.

pull tight Pause about every 3 or 4 stitches. You’ll be performing the magic of making the seam thread disappear.

Holding the bottom of your work (where you started) lay your thread going straight up (to the top of your work) and gently pull the thread tight.

Pulling the thread tight will weave it into the piece and make it as close to invisible as it can be.

Be careful not to pull too tight as you do not want your work to pucker.
continue sewing Then resume sewing for the next 3 - 4 stitches, pausing and pulling it tight, until you’ve reached the end of your seam.

It's Just That Easy!