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Moms Crochet News is designed to keep you up to date on what's happening, what's exciting, and what's important in the Crochet Industry and with our Website. It will let you know when new patterns and lessons are available. You'll know when a page has been updated. When I see other sites offering specials I'll let you know. And, from time-to-time, I'll just share little "Ah-ha" moments as well.

Yarn Skein Change

A Yarn Skein Change doesn't always need a knot, and you don't always need to hide the ends.

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I Believe

What I Believe about Crochet. Do you want to know me a little better?

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Mattress Stitch

Mattress Stitch results in a beautiful, even, flat join for your crochet work. This is a free crochet lesson.

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Classic Granny Square

The Classic Granny Square has a rich history. This free crochet lesson teaches you how to make one, and shares the history.

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Heart Decal

The Heart Decal / applique isn't just for Valentines Day, its for anytime you want to share some love.

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Star Ornament

The Star Ornament if a fun little project for the Holidays, it takes about an hour to make and you can decorate them as you like.

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Windowpane Earrings

Windowpane Earrings is a practice pattern for the free lesson Filet Crochet Square Basics. You'll have fun making these causal earrings to match any outfit you love.

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Filet Crochet Square Basics

Filet Crochet Square Basics is the first lesson in this fun technique. Do your filet crochet in continuous rounds and still create beautiful pictures.

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Autumn Placemat

The Autumn Placemat is a wonderful way to bring fall decor into your home. Practice extended double crochet, and the reversible granny square.

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Extended Crochet Stitches

Making Extended Crochet Stitches is really very easy and they have 2 primary benefits. 1 They raise the stitch up in case your rows don't match gauge. 2 They straighten out long stitches.

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Hard Crochet Eyeglass Case

The Hard Crochet Eyeglass Case it a beautiful example of the hard crochet technique. Because hard crochet make a stiff fabric, your eyeglasses have nice protection.

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Hard Crochet Tapestry

Hard Crochet Tapestry is part 1 of the free lesson 2 in hard crochet. It features a free eyeglass case pattern right in the lesson.

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Crochet Flowers

Crochet Flowers, also called forever flowers, are some of the prettiest ways to brighten a home or a heart. Give a gift that will last forever.

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Crochet Appliques

Crochet Appliques are a fun way to decorate just about anything. Sew them on like patches on a jacket, crochet decals for home decor. Free crochet patterns.

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Hard Crochet Bag

The Hard Crochet Bag is perfect for a makeup bag, just the right size for the little girl in your life, and awesome to organize all your little items. Free Crochet Pattern.

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