Scrubbie Scrunchie
One Crochet Pattern Makes Both

This Scrubbie Scrunchie Pattern is a lot of fun! One pattern that teaches you how to make both objects. Also spelled Scrubby and Scrunchy.

A Pot Scrubbie is a great way to use up extra yarn after a dishcloth or potholder project. They are a very useful tool in your kitchen as they give you great scrubbing power without being abrasive, and are little enough to fit in tight spaces. I especially like them for my non-stick pans as I know I won't scratch them.

A Hair Scrunchie is a beautiful accessory that you can make after a sweater project. Face it, it's always fun to have things that match.
Dish or Pot Scrubbie (Scrubby)
Hair Scrunchie (Scrunchy)

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Materials and Tools:

● The Scrubbie Scrunchie is designed to use left over cotton (or yarn) after making a potholder or dishcloth (patterns sold separate). You will need less than a 0.5 ounce (less than a half ounce). I like picking a variegated (several related colors in one ball) color.

Cotton is your best choice of material as it is a very strong fiber that will stand up to hard use. For the Scrunchie consider using left over yarn from a sweater project.

● A size I / 9 - 5.50 mm Crochet Hook. If you go with a smaller crochet hook (like size H / 8 - 5.00 mm) your stitches will be a little tighter and your crochet scrubbie scrunchie will be a little smaller. Naturally, a larger hook (like size J / 10 - 6.00 mm) will make looser stitches and a slightly larger item. I would not go lower than size H or higher than size J.

● A small scissors (any scissors will do, you just need it to cut the cotton).

Gauge is not important in this crochet scrubbie scrunchie pattern.

Pattern Instructions:

This Scrubbie Scrunchie (scrubby, scrunchy) Pattern can be a little confusing at first, however, as soon as you get the rhythm you'll find it to be very easy. Through the pattern you'll see two sets of instructions. The pictures will show a different color yarn so you can tell which is which.

Throughout the lessons you'll see links that offer free crochet lessons. Usually the first time a crochet term is used I like to link to the associated page.

Pot Scrubbie: Chain (ch) 5. Using a slip stitch (sl st) connect the first stitch and last stitch together making a loop.

Make your loop.

Chain (ch) 3 and double crochet (dc) 14 stitches into the loop forming a circle.

14 double crochet

Slip Stitch (sl st) connect the last double crochet (dc) to the top of the first.

Hair Scrunchie: Start with a standard size hair rubber band (about 2 inches wide). Double this up to make your inner loop.

Preping the Rubberband

Slip Stitch (sl st) around both loops of the rubber band. From this point on it will be VERY important to keep your stitches VERY loose. Do not pull on the rubber band or it will lose it's stretch.

Slip Stitch into the Rubberband

Chain (ch) 3 and double crochet (dc) 14 stitches into both loops of the rubber band, forming a circle.

14 double crochet

Slip Stitch (sl st) connect the last double crochet (dc) to the top of the first.

The following instructions for the Scrubbie Scrunchy
apply to both the Pot Scrubby and Hair Scrunchy.

Chain (ch) 2 (do not turn your work).

Chain 2

Double crochet (dc) 2 stitches into the first stitch. Chain (ch) 1.

2 Double Crochet

Find the double crochet (dc) post just under the stitch you just finished working in. You will now double crochet (dc) 3 stitches around that post.

Double crochet into first front post.

Chain (ch) 1. Double crochet (dc) 3 stitches into the next top stitch (right next to your first double crochet (dc) group). Chain (ch) 1.

Find the next double crochet (dc) post - this time you'll be double crocheting (dc) around the post in the BACK. This is a little difficult at first, so have a little patience with yourself. I fold it over to make the post stick out better. Double crochet (dc) 3 stitches around that back post. Chain (ch) 1.

Double Crochet into Back Post

You will continue this pattern all the way around.

Double crochet (dc) 3 stitches in the next top stitch. Chain (ch) 1.
Double crochet (dc) 3 stitches in the next front post. Chain (ch) 1.
Double crochet (dc) 3 stitches in the next top stitch. Chain (ch) 1.
Double crochet (dc) 3 stitches in the next back post. Chain (ch) 1.

You can always tell the last post you double crocheted (dc) into as you'll be able to see the stitches you did. Also remember, when making a Scrunchie you MUST keep your stitches very loose.

Enjoy your wonderful new Pot Scrubbie or Hair Scrunchie. Remember to check washing instructions on the fiber you purchased. Do not over dry your hand made scrubbie scrunchie as this can cause shrinkage or puckering.

If your scrubbie scrunchie ever loses it's shape wet it completely and block it to shape again. To do so place it on a clean, white towel and gently pull it into shape. Allow it to air dry and it will hold it's shape again. However, I will mention that your pot scrubbie is going to be doing some heavy duty work so don't expect it to be beautiful after several uses.

As more crochet instructions go up on the website,
so will more beginner crochet patterns.

* If you need to review the instructions for double crochet, you can do so by clicking this link.

* If you need to review the instructions for making a slip stitch, you can do so by clicking this link.

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