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When I first started our Facebook Page I would publish new patterns, or information pages, and close to everyone would get the news. Now, the posts are throttled back and only about 10 - 15 percent of you ACTUALLY see the posts. I recently received a few notes from fans that asked why I wasn't publishing any more. ????? I asked them to go to the page, and they were floored because I publish 'there' almost every day. The same thing is happening (to different degrees) on all the other social networks.

This got me to thinking about starting a Newsletter. However, I learned in the past that people DO NOT want their email inboxes filled up. So, what is the balance?

Here's the Balance and What You Get when You Sign Up

EASY! If you want to stay up to date on what's happening at Mom's Crochet, join us on a simple newsletter. I will ONLY post to this newsletter when something exciting is available.

I'll send you a note when:

  • TUESDAY TIDBITS (more info below).
  • I create and publish a new pattern.
  • You can watch a new video.
  • New lessons are shared.
  • I've updated a page (or made a correction).
  • Something exciting is happening at Mom's Crochet.
  • Simple other news 'like' when I'm appearing someplace or teaching.

THAT'S IT! Simple, sweet, and to the point.

My goal is to keep you informed about what's happening, and teach you little things that are not normally shared. Not clutter your inbox.

This brings me to the Archive of Newsletters. Once you join us you'll be able to enjoy the Archive and read all the back issues. Don't worry about missing something, they are all saved for you.

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