Make a Slip Knot
Attach Yarn to your Hook

The crochet slip knot puts the yarn on the crochet hook in a manner that can be easily undone if you need to. I admit, when I started crocheting I did not know how and simply tied the yarn onto the hook. As I made mistakes (and had to unravel my work) I ended up cutting a lot of yarn ends to get rid of the knot. Even after I learned how to make the slip knot, I thought it was a pesky step I did not have to take. Now, I do not start a project without it.

As you learn crochet, with these tutorials, take the time to learn this now and make it a habit right from the beginning. The nicest thing about this knot is that you can make it loose or tight and adjust it as you need. It also makes a nice first stitch that you can easily crochet into as you proceed with your project.

A word from Mom's Crochet:
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Breezy Poncho Vest

Crochet Supplies Needed:

* Crochet Hook: In my crochet tutorials I suggest a person starts with an I/9 - 5.50 mm Crochet Hook. This is a good size that is easy to work with.

* Yarn: Crochet Cotton Yarn makes a clean stitch that's easy to see and count. You can buy a small ball of it for a few dollars. Look for Worsted, 4 - Ply on the label. Start with a nice light color (dark colors make it hard to see stitches).

* Other Supplies: A small scissors is a good idea, but honestly any scissors with a point will work well for your craft. I simply prefer a small scissors as it's easy to get into tight places to snip ends of yarn.

Slip Knot, Crochet Supplies

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The Pretzel:
I started calling this a Pretzel way back when I was around 10 years old, it sort of stuck with me.

Slip Knot Pretzel Starting with the loose end make a loop and bring the connected end over the loose end and around behind the loop.
Threading the Slip Knot on the Crochet Hook To thread the Knot on your Crochet Hook pick up the yarn that went behind the loop, keeping the loop (top and bottom) behind the hook.

Pull both ends to tighten the knot. Pull the connected end to bring the knot up to the crochet hook.

You can practice this on a table top to get the hang of what a it does. When I'm teaching crochet for beginners I have them do a few on a table. However, most people want to do this using their fingers instead of a table top.

Make a Slip Knot on Your Fingers:

Slip Knot for Crochet 01 Hold the yarn so the loose end hangs down, gently secure this with your thumb.
Slip Knot for Crochet, 02 Loosely wrap the yarn behind and around your index finger and middle finger. Gently secure both threads, where they cross, with your thumb.
Slip Knot for Crochet, 03 Drop your middle finger out of the loop.
Slip Knot for Crochet, 04 Allow the connected-to-the-skein end to fall behind the loop. You've just made the pretzel on your fingers.
Slip Knot for Crochet, 05 Your crochet hook picks up the thread that fell behind. Basically it goes over the first thread, under the next, and over the last.

Tightening the Knot:

Tighten a Slip Knot on a Crochet Hook, 01 Holding the yarn in place, on the crochet hook, with your right index finger. Gently pull both threads to tighten the knot.
Tighten a Slip Knot on a Crochet Hook, 02 Drop the loose end thread and pull on the thread that's connected to your yarn. This will move the knot up to the crochet hook.
Tighten a Slip Knot on a Crochet Hook, 03 Not too tight, you need to be able to move the knot on your crochet hook.

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You've just attached the yarn to your crochet hook with a slip knot.


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