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The excitement of that first skein of yarn and crochet hook. The thrill of a new stitch, a new pattern, and your first few crochet items made. This is about the time you realize you’re addicted to crochet. The website, Mom’s Crochet, is all about helping you in your beginning adventures and will carry you through intermediate skills and techniques.

Oh yes, there is more, much more. As you advance in your craft you may, or may not, realize you’ve gained the heart of an artist, a Fiber Artist. Design and beauty become your goals. Throughout Mom’s Crochet you’ll find the avenues to carry you there as well.

Some of the Firsts on Mom's Crochet

Back in 2011, when I created Moms Crochet,
this was the 1st FREE pattern
Beginners Doubled Potholder.
It is still the most popular pattern today.

The 1st full length crochet Book I ever wrote
is still available on Amazon.com
Paperback Version
Kindle Version

My name is Sandy Marie. As of June 2016 I hit the “50 years of crocheting” mark. I love trying new ideas and stretching what many may call the limits of this fiber art form. I try to do that with every lesson and pattern, here on Moms Crochet.

Why is that important to you? Because along with standard lessons, that everyone is sharing, you’ll also learn tips and tricks, and you’ll be challenged to try something different. It’s my goal to help you get the creative side of your brain going and teach you how to step beyond basic crochet, and following other people’s patterns. You’ll be able to decide if you want to relax and just crochet something pretty, or dive in and create something unique.

Decorate summer items
with something bright and beautiful.
The Native American Inspired
Sun Symbol Applique

I structure the free lessons just a little differently. I don’t just show you how, but I often tell you why, and sometimes share a bit of history. I figure, if the lesson is enjoyable it’s easier to remember. And speaking of ‘remembering’ something new, we all know that if you do something you remember it better. Many of the lessons have free patterns associated with them. By doing this you have a ‘practice pattern’.

As a matter of fact, the entire focus of this website is to teach all levels of crochet lessons, share tips and tricks that I've learned from 50+ years of playing with this craft, and share patterns associated with those lessons. Take a moment to bookmark this site now, so you can always come back.

Enjoy A Tapestry Crochet Series
From start to finish this lesson series
will get you up and going.

This is one of the free patterns that
goes along with these free lessons.
Tapestry Hearts Squared

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