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Aster Flower Decal

This Aster Flower Decal is the perfect little flower to sew onto many things. Each flower measures about 2 inches wide. Sew them on clothing, or add to household items. You can make them including a sewing thread ready to use (pictured on the right), or make them ready to create other beautiful items (pictured to the left).

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I am working on creating crochet flowers that are as botanically correct as hook and fiber will allow. The Aster is the first in this series, it is the easiest, and it will help you get used to creating flowers with me. This part teaches you how to make the Aster Flower Decal, designed to lay flat. Laying flat they can be sewn onto other items, or become a crochet part of another project. I will share a few projects to do with the flower decals.

Crochet Materials & Tools

Category: Intermediate

Aster petals are primarily a nice baby blue, however you will also see shades of light lavender to pale pink. The centers are always a dark goldenrod.

Yarn: Pearl Cotton #5. Make sure you are buying the #5. I used Craftways Pearl Cotton. For the center top I used #517 Dark Goldenrod. For the center back (not pictured) #431 Very Light Forest Green.

Flower Petals, in the vertical row pictured (top) #342 Dark Powdered Blue, (second) #323 Light Antique Blue, (third) #235 Light Periwinkle Purple, (bottom) #223 Light Purple. This is where I buy my Craftways Pearl Cotton, size 5.

Hook: B 2.25mm. I'm sold on Clover Brand.

Other: Small Scissors and a Yarn Needle fitting Pearl Cotton.

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Gauge for The Aster Flower Decal

There is no actual gauge to check.

The flowers are designed to look great right off the hook. When you're done making the flower just straighten the petals and they should hold their shape nicely.

VERY IMPORTANT, when you are crocheting the petals keep all of your stitches slightly loose, it will make the whole process much easier. If your petals are really curling, you are crocheting too tight. I suggest you make your first one's a little slow, until you get the rhythm. 

Pattern: Aster Flower Decal

Each flower has a top little disk, and a second disk that has the petals attached. If you are going to sew your Aster Flower Decals onto things (like a blouse) you do NOT need the green color that would be the back, only the goldenrod color for the center. If you are going to use these in other projects, where the back shows (see picture below for an idea), you DO need to have both the goldenrod and the light forest green.

In the picture to the left you can see I've sewn an Aster Flower Decal at the bottom of a V neck on a t-shirt (I most likely should have picked something a little more striking than white). For this use no 'back' of a flower is needed as the back isn't visible.

This changed a bland white t-shirt into something cute. I find it amazing what one flower can do.

In this picture I put a basic Granny Square around the Aster Flower Decal (the how to page will be available soon). Because both the front and back are visible this flower has a back that is green (the way it is in nature).

Petal Disk

Before you start you need to decide what you are going to use the Aster Flower Decals for. If you are going to be sewing them onto something (not needing a back color), start your petal disk with #517 Dark Goldenrod. If you are going to use them in a project that will show a back color, start your petal disk with #431 Very Light Forest Green. Pictured in the instructions below is the Dark Goldenrod.

Chain (CH) 2. Connect this to the bottom of the first stitch (see picture to the left).

Rnd 1: Into the first chain stitch, Single Crochet (sc) 8 total stitches. While you are crocheting hold the beginning thread down so you crochet around it. This hides the first thread.

You will begin Rnd 2 in the first stitch of Rnd 1 (see picture). There is NO chain before beginning.

Rnd 2: 2 Single Crochet (sc) in each stitch around. Total 16 stitches. At the end Slip Stitch (sl st) 1 into the next stitch.

Before you do anything else, turn the disk over and snip the center thread close to your work.

Then snip the gold end thread about 3 inches long and tie on your petal color leaving a thread also about 3 inches long. Tie a good knot. No one is going to see this.

Making the Flower Petals

These instructions also include the basics for Foundation Single Crochet (fsc) as this is the stitch the petals are made of. Use the link if you need a little more detail on how this stitch is done.

After you've tied your petal color on, turn the disk back around and slip stitch (sl st) 1 more time into the next stitch. This sets the petal color up.

Chain (ch) 2.

Insert your hook into the first stitch of the chain. Make sure you have 2 threads above, and 1 thread below. I turn my work just a little so I can see where my hook is and make sure I've picked up the correct threads.

Step 1: Yarn Over (YO) and draw 1 loop up - but not through the loop on your hook. You should, at this point, have 2 loops on your hook.

Step 2: Yarn Over (YO) and draw a loop through ONE (1) (the first loop) on your hook.

Step 3: Yarn Over (YO) and draw a loop through BOTH loops on your hook.

All of that equals 1 stitch. Now don't panic, it takes MUCH longer to explain than it does to do it. You will pick up a nice rhythm and the stitches will go rather fast. If this is the first time you've worked with Foundation Single Crochet (fsc) I suggest you play with the stitch a little, before you begin making your Aster Flower Decal.

To begin your second stitch pick up the two threads on the full stitch below your crochet hook. Be very careful here as you only want the top 2 threads, and it is easy to accidentally go below them (picking up 3). Again, I turn my work slightly so I can see both threads. 

From this point follow Steps 1 - 3 above to make the next stitch.

Make a total of 5 Foundation Single Crochet (fsc) stitches.

There is a space right below your hook (see picture to the left), this is where you are going to start working back down the petal.

Slip Stitch (sl st) 1 into the space below your hook.

Stay in the spaces on the top of the petal and slip stitch (sl st) 1 into the next 3 spaces (total 4 slip stitches).

The 5th slip stitch (sl st) is going to appear like it's skipping a bunch. This slip stitch (sl st) goes into the closest petal space to the center disk.

Into the center disk slip stitch (sl st) 1 into the same place that you began your petal.

Slip Stitch (sl st) 1 more time, in the next center disk stitch, setting you up for the next flower petal.

Continue making flower petals until you have a total of 16 petals all around the center disk. The center disk had 16 stitches, so you should end up perfect.

If you are going to be sewing this onto something, leave a tail end about 24 - 25 inches long. This will be your sewing thread. No need to cut more thread and thread a needle with extra. No need to hide another end from sewing. Bind off by pulling the long thread through the last loop on your hook.

Use a yarn needle and carefully bring all other threads closer to the center, and to the front (they will be hidden under the top disk). The back doesn't need to be perfect as it will be hidden by what you are sewing it on to.

When I'm putting a green back on I simply catch all the loose ends and bring them to the front through the center.

Front and Back Center Disks

If you are sewing your Aster Flower Decal onto something - only make one center disk in Goldenrod.

If you are going to use this in a project that you will see the back - make 2 center disks; 1 in Goldenrod, 1 in Light Forest Green.

Follow the 'disk' pattern above. The only change is that you slip stitch (sl st) 2 times and don't add another color.

Your tail needs to be about 11 - 12 inches long for sewing.

Note that this is facing with the 'back' side up. The back looks more like the real flower than the front does, so these will be sewn on with 'back' facing out.

Sewing is Super Easy

If you are sewing a green back on, you need to sew it on first. If you are sewing the back on first, start by turning the Aster Flower Decal over.

Both disks are sewn on the same way, the only thing that changes is the side you're working on.

Always start your stitches away from where you ended the flower petals.

Each stitch will go around from the center disk to the back, through the same stitch that the flower petal is on, up and through one stitch on the disk.

When you start a new stitch bring your thread around and between the next flower petals.

When done knot your yarn between two top stitches and carefully thread it under and across the disk you just sewed on. Pull it a little tight and snip it. I personally knot the thread again and bring it back. USA, LLC

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