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Basket Weave Stitch Pattern (Popago Style)

The Basket Weave stitch pattern comes from studying many beautiful Native American Baskets. Keep in mind that this stitch pattern only works if you will be crocheting around in the same direction (in other words, not turning your work). Its beautiful simplicity is perfect for purses, socks, hats, and just about any clothing item. Worked in single crochet plus one chain, it is a great stitch pattern for beginners and masters alike.

Multiples of 1 + 1 chain stitch

The pattern is so easy you're going to laugh. You can begin the Basket Weave stitch pattern on your beginning chain, however it is easiest (and looks best) if you begin after, at least, one round of straight single crochet. It is also best if you alternate, at least, 2 colors. Two or more colors will highlight the appearance of the weave. The picture above shows what two rows of each color looks like. You can do more, it is all up to you.

Materials, Tools, & Gauge

This can be done with any yarn and any hook. If you are going to 'fill' this stitch (as in the Popago Basket) it is advised that you use 4 ply yarn.

Pattern for the Basket Weave

To Begin on a Single Crochet Row: Single Crochet (sc) one stitch. Chain (ch) one. Skip one stitch on the row you're working on. * repeat.

Single Crochet (sc) 1 around and through the below Chain 1 space.

Chain (ch) 1

Single Crochet (sc) 1 around and through the below Chain 1 space.

Yes, there are other stitch patterns with the same name (you'll find that a lot in crochet), however this pattern is designed to look like the Native American Popago baskets. This 'look' can easily be obtained by using a natural color cotton yarn, and crocheting over, and around, a piece (or two or three) of jute.

This photo is borrowed from,Fort Tumble Weed

The picture below gives a slight example of what the stitch would look like, if you crochet around a piece of jute. You can see that its a nice look even with one piece of jute, and would be even better if using 3 or 4. USA, LLC

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