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Clutch Wallet

I love a Clutch Wallet. My only complaint is that they are usually not made to organize things on the inside. So yes, this wallet clutch does have sewing involved to add some wonderfully useful pockets.

The outside ‘mesh’ is done in the original Breezy Blocks stitch pattern, but could be done in a simple Filet Crochet too. The mesh fits to your cell phone and the wrap around closure holds it in place. The size is for standard cell phones, however if you have one that’s smaller (like me) you can close up the mesh so your phone fits perfectly.

There is a large pocket that is designed to hold your dollar bills, and a small pocket that is designed to hold ID and Credit Cards. On the right side there is perfect space to slip a coin purse in. You will find the free coin purse pattern included in the PDF for your convenience. You can also find it on our website: Breezy Coin Purse

Materials, Tools, & Gauge

Yarn: A good solid 4 ply, worsted weight yarn is the best. Red Heart’s Super Saver or a 4 ply cotton is perfect. This looks best if you pick a variegated color and 2 matching solid colors. Most of us have extra yarn that can be used, so check your stash before you buy. The total finished weight is about 4 ounces (110 grams).

Hook: The entire wallet is done with an I/9 - 5.5MM crochet hook.

Other: Yarn / Darning needle (preferably metal), Small Scissors, 5 - 6 bobby pins to use as stitch markers. Bobby pins do work best as they won’t get in the way when you are folding your wallet / clutch for measuring.

Gauge: 17 rows = 4 inches. 15.5 stitches = 4 inches. If your gauge doesn’t match this please use a different yarn, different hook, or adjust the number of rows and/or stitches to achieve the correct length and width (7.5 wide x 4.25 tall). If you fail to adjust, your money, cards, or cell phone won’t fit in. So please take a moment to check your gauge. If you do decide to use other fiber you can always measure the items that go in and adjust the pattern accordingly.

Clutch Wallet Info

Please download the complete PDF free pattern.

Although the 'Base Pattern' for making this Clutch Wallet is VERY easy. The step-by-step sewing instructions are long (with a lot of pictures), NOT HARD. I didn't want to sluff over the sewing, as doing it correct makes a big difference.

Because of this detail I've not written the pattern, here on the website. USA, LLC

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