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Crocheting Coneflowers you can go wild with color, or go natural. But keep in mind that Mother Nature loves color as much as you do.

This page teaches you how to crochet a flower with a raised center and pretty petals. I'm also going to do a separate page on adding stems and leaves to all flowers, and on turning this decal into a granny square. But for now, lets just focus on the flower itself.

Coneflowers are just about anything you see with a Daisy sort of shape. The two most common are Blackeyed Susans and Echinacea.

Materials, Tools, & Gauge

My focus was on creating something about the same size as found in nature. This way, if you wanted, you could add leaves and stems to your coneflowers and put them in a vase - the look would be close to what Mother Nature did. To this end, picking the correct fiber and hook is very important. If you goal is to add them to another project, and their size doesn't matter, any fiber and hook size will still work wonderfully.

* Yarn: My choice for coneflowers was 2 ply acrylic yarn. With this size yarn you will need about 9 - 10 yards for the petals, and about 4 - 5 yards for the cone. This will change if you decide on a different thickness of yarn.

* Hook: With the 2 ply yarn a size E / 3.5mm hook is the best. This gives a slightly lacy look, but is still easy to work with.

* Other: You will also need a scissors, and yarn needle.

* Gauge: Gauge is not important for this crochet flower pattern, however make sure your yarn and hook work nicely together.

Crochet Coneflowers Disk (cone) Pattern

It is VERY IMPORTANT, when crocheting the petals, that you keep your stitches LOOSE. If you don't your petals will pull to the right and will not straighten out. While you are crocheting they will curl, this is normal, when done you should be able to straighten them.

After you've made your first petal have a look at it, and try to straighten it. If it pulls to the right your chain is too tight. If it curls up or down, and does not hold it's shape when you straighten it, all of your crochet is too tight.

With the color you've picked for your center (also called the cone), attach to your crochet hook with a slip stitch and ...

Chain (ch) 2

It's very important to work into the bottom of the first chain stitch. If you pick up the wrong thread your center will spread open.

Also, do not trim threads until the end, you are going to use them.

Round 1: Single Crochet (sc) 8 stitches into the 1st chain stitch, making a circle.

Round 2: Single Crochet (sc) 2 stitches into each stitch around (total 16 stitches). Note: Do not chain before you start, simply start in the first stitch you made for round 1.

Round 3: Single Crochet (sc) 1 stitch in each stitch around (total 16 stitches).

You will end up with a disk that looks like the picture to the left.

Flip your disk over and tie on the color for your coneflower petals. Tie a good knot, no one is going to see this as it will be on the inside of the cone.

Petals Pattern

Okay, shake your hand real well (tee, hee), this is where you NEED to keep your stitches LOOSE. There's a fine line between tight, loose, and yuck. Relax your hand and make sure the tension on your yarn is not tight, but that there is still enough tension to keep the stitches equal. You may need to practice a little bit before you get the 'feel' of this. Especially with 2 ply yarn, your natural tendency is to crochet tight.

Chain (ch) 7

Note: All the way down the chain (except the base stitch) you will be working in the TOP LOOP ONLY.

Slip Stitch (sl st) 1 into the 2nd chain from the hook.

Single Crochet (sc) 1 into the next 4 chains.

At the base of the petal you will slip stitch (sl st) 1.

This goes into the chain like a normal stitch with 2 loops on top and 1 on the bottom.

Slip Stitch (sl st) 1 into the same disk stitch that you started in.

Slip Stitch (sl st) 1 more time into the next stitch on the disk.

Repeat this until you have 16 petals going round the full disk.

Take a moment to check your petal to make sure it isn't too tight. Just straighten it and make sure it doesn't curl on its own.

Coneflowers have different numbers of petals, depending on what flower you're mimicking. You can skip a few by slip stitching 2 times between. However, 16 petals looks very nice at the end.

At the end of 16 petals this is what you should have. Note that I did straighten the petals, and they hold their shape.

Next we'll make that center disk poof up, and you'll use your loose threads to make it hard.

Poofing the Disk into a Cone

It's that poofy disk in the center of the flower that gave Coneflowers it's name.

Thread your yarn needle with about 2 feet of your cone color. Pull it through so your yarn is doubled and tie a knot on the end.

With the back facing you, start on the opposite side from your petal knot. Thread the needle onto the disk, keeping the knot on the back and pull the needle between the two threads, at the knot, so that it's secure.

From that starting point use a simple front to back - back to front stitch all the way around.

Your needle placement should be in each space that has a flower petal. See the picture to the left.

Go one or two stitches BEYOND your original and make sure your needle comes out on the back side.

Stop at this point and cut all your LOOSE ends to about 2 inches. Do not cut your sewing thread.

With a firm grip on the flower begin pulling the sewing thread. This will draw in the sides of the disk. As you pull bunch up the loose threads so they are inside the cone. Keep pulling slowly until the circle doesn't close any further.

Tie this off around a stitch so that it doesn't pull loose. Don't just knot the two ends together.

Cut your sewing thread off the needle at about 2 inches. You can use the end of your needle or the back of a crochet hook to push the last threads into the cone.

Straighten out your petals and set it aside so the yarn has a chance to take the shape you want. If any of the petals start to curl, I'm afraid to tell you that you crocheted too tight.

Click the button to the left to get your free pattern. The pattern includes everything you see on this page, plus a short version for printing. USA, LLC

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