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Connected Squares Dishcloth
or Spa Washcloth

The Connected Squares Dishcloth (or Spa Washcloth) is a very easy pattern, and crochets up fast. The ridges in the individual squares make cleaning up a breeze. And when using as a Spa Washcloth the ridges are invigorating without causing irritation.

Materials, Tools, and Gauge for the Connected Squares Dishcloth

* Yarn: Whenever making a dishcloth or washcloth, using 100% cotton fiber (worsted, medium, 4 - ply) is your best choice. Cotton fiber stands up best to use and abuse and, especially for a washcloth, is gentle on skin. 1 ball of a variegated color, plus 1 ball of a coordinated solid.

* Hook: I used an I/9 5.5 MM hook.

* Other Tools: Scissors, Yarn Needle (to hide yarn ends).

* Gauge: Gauge is not important for this pattern.

This pattern relies on the Connected Squares Stitch Pattern instruction. If you need help understanding, please visit the page and download your free PDF copy before continuing.

Connected Squares - working the center

Each square is 15 stitches wide by 15 rows. Follow the general instructions from the Connected Squares Stitch Pattern.

Chain (ch) 16

Single Crochet (sc) 15 stitch across the chain. Throughout all 4 squares work in the BACK LOOP only of each Single Crochet (sc).

You do not have to change color as I did. However if you do wish to change color I use the No Knot method ( Basically on the last stitch of the last row do not finish the stitch (pulling the last loop through). Instead pull a loop through with your new color.

Chain (ch) 1, then hold the loose ends against your row and crochet over and around them. Remember to start your ‘side’ row in the same space as the last single crochet (sc).

The other thing to note, that’s a little different, is the ‘look’ of the stitches on the sides. The two pictures that follow show the location to put your crochet hook to make sure you catch each row. I count stitches as I do this to make sure I don’t miss one.

Simple Finishing Edge

At the end of the last square Slip Stitch (sl st) once, chain (ch) 1, continue in the same direction and single crochet (sc) around the outside of the 4 squares. When you get to a corner, single crochet (sc) 3 stitches onto the corner stitch.

When you have gone all the way around, slip stitch (sl st) once into your first stitch, chain (ch) 2, continue in the same direction and double crochet (dc) around the outside (1 dc in each stitch). At the corner, double crochet (dc) 3 stitches into the center most corner stitch (of the single crochet stitches below).

The last round of the Connected Squares Dishcloth is another round of single crochet (sc). Slip Stitch (sl st) once into your first double crochet (dc), chain (ch) 1, continue in the same direction and single crochet (sc) around the outside (1 single crochet in each stitch). At the corner, find the center most stitch (it should be the center of the three below however, if doing the 3 stitches in one of the side stitches squares the dishcloth up more, then by all means, do the three stitches there).

At the end do 2 or 3 Slip Stitches (sl st) and bind off. Leave a long tail end so you can thread your needle and weave the last thread in.

Don't forget to get your copy of the Connected Squares Stitch Pattern. USA, LLC

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