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Beginners Crochet Hat
His or Hers

This Crochet Hat is one pattern with a different ending: His or Hers. For the Ladies - a little frill. For the Gents - a standard band. It is super easy to make and (depending on how fast you crochet) you can make one in a day - and wear it that evening. Its perfect for the beginner to learn.

Before winter I like to make a few of them and toss them in a cubby by the back door. No one needs to go out without a hat (* smile *). Remember, its helpful to read through the entire pattern before you start.

Materials, Tools, & Gauge

This part of the crochet hat will remain the same for both. Use any 4 ply yarn you like. You'll need at least 4 ounces. You'll also need an I/9 (5.5 mm) crochet hook, a small scissors and a yarn needle.

Gauge isn't important as this double crochet hat is made to be stretchy. However, if you usually crochet very loose you may want to decrease the total number of stitches to make the average adult size. With that said, yes, you can make smaller or larger hats by simply adjusting the number of beginning stitches. If you're making a child's version - also decrease the number of rows. Basically, have fun and make adjustments as you see fit.

Crochet Hat Pattern - For Both Hats

Chain (ch) 72

You will start in the 3rd stitch from the hook (you can review single crochet (sc) to see which one this is).

Row 1: Double crochet (dc) in the 3rd stitch from the hook and Double crochet (dc) across the chain (ch) - you should have 70 stitches.

Rows 2 - 15: Chain (ch) 2 and turn. Double crochet (dc) (Into the top of the stitch, this is pictured on the double crochet page.) the row - check your stitches to make sure you have 70. Make sure to stop when you've done 15 rows total.

If you are going to increase or decrease the number of rows, make sure you always end on an odd number (9, 11, 13, 15, 17, 19, etc.).

For The Ladies

Row 16: Chain (ch) 1 and turn. Single Crochet (sc) across your work. Not only does this tighten up the hat before you do the frilly work, it also turns your work so your frilly end is on the correct side.

Row 17: Chain (ch) 4 and turn. Skip the first 2 stitch locations (in other words, work into the 3rd one) and double crochet (dc) 5 times into that same stitch.

(Note: When you see information between brackets [ ] or stars * * it generally means you are going to be repeating the pattern described within them. Make sure you read the instruction just after them so you know how many times you're going to repeat a grouping.)

[Chain (ch) 1 - Skip 2 stitches (work into the third) - 5 double crochet (dc) in the same stitch.] Repeat the pattern in the [ ] 21 times. This will be different if you have changed the number of stitches you are using.

For the last grouping skip 2 stitches - 4 double crochet (dc) in the next stitch - DO NOT CHAIN - 1 double crochet (dc) in the last stitch.

DO NOT cut your yarn.

Fold the crochet hat with the wrong side out.

Slip Stitch (sl st) up the side being careful to keep the sides even.

If you already know how to sew a mattress stitch your hat will look better with it.

For The Gents

Follow the instructions above through row 15. Then simply double crochet (dc) 4 more rows. If you'd like to make a larger brim add rows in even numbers. In other words instead of 4 add 6 more rows or 8 more rows.

The side seem for the Gents shows you how to do this with a slip stitch (sl st). Start by folding your work with right side out. Slip stitch (sl st) up the brim - 4 rows if you followed the pattern, more if you added more.

Turn your work inside out so the inside is now on the outside and continue slip stitching (sl st) up to the top. This way the seam won't show in the back with the brim up.

If you are using a mattress stitch you won't need to switch sides. Simply sew it up as the mattress stitch become invisible.

Gathering The Top

Gathering the top will be the same for both styles of crochet hat.

Measure your yarn 3 times the size of the folded piece. Tie a knot in the end so you have a double thickness of yarn (important for strength). Attach to the hat by the seam.

Weave this in and out of the first double crochet (dc) row. Only one side - don't try to do both sides at once.

As you weave start to pull the yarn tight. This will start to crinkle the top of the hat.

Pull the yarn really, really tight. Try to close that hole on the top. No, it won't be completely closed, but you want to get it as tight as you can. Tie it off (can be a little hard as you have to hold it tight while you're doing this).

Most of any left over hole will disappear when you turn the hat right side out. If you wish you could add a pretty flower (for the Ladies) or a standard tassel (for the Gents) to the top. Or just a plain crochet button.

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