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Beginners Crochet Potholder
Doubled, Single Crochet

This Crochet Potholder Pattern is one of the beginner crochet patterns on the web site. It is designed and written with beginners in mind. It's completely single crochet, extra large (approximately 8.5 inches x 8.5 inches) making it a wonderful addition to the kitchen. It is also double sided for protection, and beautiful enough to display. Match the colors of your kitchen and make a bunch of them! Once you use one of these I bet you put away all

your smaller ones. Plus they make great trivets for baking / serving dishes on the table and it's even big enough to set a frying pan on. The yarn used for this pattern is crochet cotton. This pattern is designed to go with the Easy Crochet Dishcloth and the Scrubbie, Scrunchie.

This pattern is designed for the beginner and includes additional instruction. The beginner will practice the Single Crochet (sc) stitch, learn some of the wonderful properties of cotton fiber, learn how to Single Crochet (sc) through 2 layers of crochet fabric, and how to hide loose ends. You will also need to know the Slip Stitch.

The free PDF download of the Crochet Potholder (at the bottom of this page) includes these instructions, and includes a short version designed for the experienced crocheter (also teaching the beginner how to read a standard pattern).

Materials, Tools, and Gauge:

* 1 ball (you only need 73 yards) crochet cotton, 4 ply, of a variegated (several related colors in one ball of yarn) color. AND, 1 ball (you only need 64 yards) crochet cotton, 4 ply, a matching solid color. You can use 2 solid colors that look good together, or only 1 color for both sides.

* A size I / 9 - 5.50 mm Crochet Hook. If you go with a smaller crochet hook (like size H / 8 - 5.00 mm) your stitches will be a little tighter and your crochet pot holder will be a little smaller. It will also be more difficult to crochet. Naturally, a larger hook (like size J / 10 - 6.00 mm) will make looser stitches and a slightly larger potholder. This might leave holes exposing your fingers. I would not go lower than size H or higher than size J.

* A small scissors (any scissors will do, you just need it to cut the cotton).

* Gauge is not important in this crochet potholder pattern.

Crochet Potholder Pattern

To begin the Crochet Potholder you will start with the ball of cotton that you picked for the inside (or the business side) of your crochet potholder.

Chain (ch) 31 stitches.

Row 1: Crocheting into the Chain (ch) - Single Crochet (sc) in the second chain from the crochet hook ...

and continue to single crochet (sc) across for a total of 30 stitches.

Row 2: Chain (ch) 1 and turn your work getting ready to crochet back the other way.

(It may be easier to have a piece of scratch paper handy and log your rows with a hash mark on the paper. What you just finished would be row number 1, you're starting row #2.)

Picking up both loops at the top of each stitch, you will single crochet (sc), 30 stitches, back across. You just finished row number 2. It's a good idea to count your stitches to make sure you are on track.

Rows 3 - 30: *** Chain (ch) 1 and turn your work, single crochet (sc) across for a total of 30 stitches. ***

Repeat the instruction between the stars (***) until you have a total of 30 rows. Do not be worried if it doesn't form a perfect square. It will square up during the last step.

Cut your end yarn about 4 inches from the finished piece. Pull the end through the last loop and pull tight to make a knot. Often called 'binding off'.

Next follow all the instructions again - only this time use your other ball of cotton (the one you picked as the outside or 'pretty' side of your crochet potholder). DO NOT cut the end this time.

Finishing Edge

To put the two pieces of your crochet potholder together you want one with rows going side to side and one with the rows going up and down. Matching your pieces this way is VERY IMPORTANT. Not only will this pull your potholder into a square as you crochet around, but it will give you extra protection against heat when using it.

The back piece (what you just finished crocheting); simply flip it over so your crochet hook is on the left. This turns the piece so the 'right side' will be facing out and away from you.

The front piece; will lay on top, with the bottom edge and beginning loose thread in the same corner as your crochet hook. This should put the 'right side' facing you. While you are crocheting this is the side you want facing you.

Chain (ch) 1 on the back piece. DO NOT TURN.

The picture to the left shows the placement of your crochet hook, AFTER the Chain (ch) 1. You will be putting it through both layers.

This picture shows your crochet hook through both layers.

Hint: When working around the bottom edge of any project your hook placement should be between the stitches of the first row. This crochets around the chain (hiding it) and gives you a more solid join.

Hint: To hide the loose ends crochet around them for a few stitches. In other words, lay the loose end over the row and work your stitch around it.

For this project, after you've crochet around the loose end for 4 - 6 stitches, give it a little tug to make sure it's tight, then tuck the end between the layers and continue to crochet as normal.

Crochet SLOW across the edge, being very careful to pick up each stitch on one layer, and each row on the other.

DON'T PANIC at the end of the first edge. Remember you are slowly bringing the two pieces of your crochet potholder into a square. If it makes you feel better, stop and count the stitches compared to the rows. If you are a stitch off, it means you missed one (go back and find it). But most likely you are just fine and it's the nature of this pattern.

At the corner (and in the next 2 corners) Single Crochet (sc) 3 stitches into the same corner stitch. This moves your crochet hook to the correct direction to go down the next side, and also gives you a nice looking corner.

Continue down this second side, picking up each row and each stitch, until you get to the next corner.

Single Crochet (sc) 3 stitches into the same corner stitch.

Here you have 2 loose ends.

It's always a good idea to stagger the placement of 2 loose ends. Single Crochet (sc) around both for 4 - 6 stitches, tug the shortest end a bit to make sure it is secure, and push that end between the two layers. Continue around the last loose end for another 4 - 6 stitches, give it a little tug and snuggle it between the the 2 layers of the potholder.

Continue across the third side, Single Crochet (sc) 3 in the corner, and continue across the forth (and last) side.

At the corner do your last Single Crochet (sc) into the same stitch as your very first one was. Then Chain (ch) 6 stitches. Skip 2 stitches in the corner, and Slip Stitch (sl st) into the third stitch.

Cut your yarn leaving about a 3 inch tail, pull it through the last loop on your hook (often called 'binding off') and pull it tight to form a knot.

To hide that last thread push your crochet hook into the TOP layer and bring it back out as close to the thread as you can get (make sure you are between both layers and not sticking out the back). Hook the thread and bring it inside and between the two layers.

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