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Weaving Color Crochet Scarf

This Crochet Scarf has such an interesting finished look because you actually 'weave' the colors in and sew them in place, people WILL ask you how you did it. It was 1971 - I was 15 - I had not yet learned how to change color in the middle of my crochet work. I had just learned to triple crochet and I had set in my mind I was going to make a scarf with 3 different colors (bright orange, bright yellow, and bright green, ha ha).

After frogging it (to frog your work you - rip it, rip it, rip it - its a play on words) three times I came up with an idea that ended up making my favorite scarf, and also became my favorite scarf pattern. I am excited and proud to share this pattern as one of the beginners free patterns on this website.

What about the three colors? The first half was orange, the second half was green, and I did my weaving with yellow.

Materials, Tools, & Gauge

I used Red Heart Super Saver Solid yarn. 1 skein of white, and 1 skein of Rose Pink.

An I/9 - 5.5 mm Crochet Hook

Yarn needle (I prefer the metal one for this project, especially if you are using something else for your strips).

Small scissors.

Gauge is not important for this project.

Weaving Color Crochet Scarf Pattern

The base of this pattern actually creates a beautiful crochet scarf all by itself. If you want a lacy scarf - finish your base, skip the weaving colors part, and go right to the finishing. If you don't want to do the total finishing you could just weave in the two loose ends and be done.

If you need to review how to triple crochet (tc) please click here.

Chain (ch) 23

Row 1: Triple crochet (tc) in the 4th chain (ch) from your hook and triple crochet (tc) in the next chain. [Chain (ch) 3 stitches. Skip three chain (ch) stitches and triple crochet (tc) in the next 3 chain (ch) stitches.] Repeat [ ] one more time. Chain (ch) 3 stitches. Skip three chain (ch) stitches and triple crochet (tc) in the last 3 chains (ch).

The next row will be repeated as many times as you want, to make the crochet scarf the length you want. The only thing to remember is to end on an even row number. I did 80 rows which gave me a base that's 62 inches long (157.48 centimeters).

Rows 2 - (you decide):

Chain (ch) 3 and turn. This becomes the first triple crochet (tc). Skip one stitch and triple crochet (tc) into the next 2. In the picture it shows the location to do your first triple crochet (tc). You want to pick up the entire top stitch (both threads).

[Chain (ch) 3 stitches. Skip three stitches and triple crochet (tc) in the next 3 stitches.] Repeat [ ] one more time.

Chain (ch) 3, skip 3 and triple crochet (tc) in next 2.

The picture shows the location of the last triple crochet (tc). You will pick up only one thread of the previous rows chain (ch) 3.

Making the Color Strips

You don't have to crochet these strips for your crochet scarf. You can use washable ribbon, seam or quilt binding (make sure to sew it shut first), pieces of cloth (sew them shut so they don't fray), or even braid several pieces of yarn. The more creative you get the more you'll love your crochet scarf. Here's the directions to triple crocheting (tc) your color strips.

Make 3 strips.

Chain (ch) 5

Row 1: Triple crochet (tc) in the 4th chain (ch) from the hook and in the last chain (ch).

Row 2: [Chain (ch) 3 and turn. Skip one stitch and triple crochet (tc) into the next stitch.

The chain 3 counts as your first triple crochet (tc).

For the last triple crochet (tc) (making a total of three per row) pick up one loop of the previous chain (ch) 3.]

Repeat the directions in [ ] as many times as the length of your scarf. For example; My scarf is 80 rows total - so my triple crochet (tc) strips would also need to be 80 rows total.

Weaving The Strips Into Your Crochet Scarf

No matter what you've decided to use as your color strips for your crochet scarf, you need to weave them into the base. If you decide to weave you also need to sew. The woven strips look beautiful when you first put them in - and I remember I got lazy once and decided not to sew them. It was a disaster. After the first washing the strips turned, bunched up and really looked bad. I did sew them after that and I'll admit it was MUCH harder after the first washing. However, before we get into sewing here's how to weave them.

Its really very easy - just move the strip through the scarf going over on line of chain - followed by going under one line of chain. The center one should be woven opposite. If you try to do it the same your scarf will start to curl. The third strip matches the first. Here's what it looks like with all three strips.

See what I mean? Its real tempting to want to skip the sewing step.

Sewing The Woven Ends

I have tried using a sewing machine for this part - it wasn't any easier, and in my opinion it didn't look as good either. The sewing is very easy, just a little time consuming. Be prepared to spend a little time. Its a good relaxing project so get your favorite beverage and enjoy.

Cut off a piece of yarn as long as you feel comfortable with. Thread your needle and tie it at the end so your yarn is double thick.

Leave a tail at the end so you can weave the ends in later. I leave about an inch and half.

You will not be sewing the very end, this is taken care of in the final step. So, attach your yarn one row over. Draw your yarn through the end which will securely attach it to your work.

You will be simply sewing back and forth (up and down) about one crocheted stitch at time.

As you are doing this be VERY careful to make sure the rows of your strip match the rows of the base.

If you have used another material make sure the strip is flat and no puckers.

Each of the chain 'bars' has three chain stitches. Sew into the first one, coming back out of the last one.

Note: as you come to the strip make sure your needle ends up on the back side - the side with the chain stitches.

As long as you have enough yarn on your needle, work down the post closest to the strip instead of going all the way to the end. This will save a lot of work and a lot of yarn.

Here you can see what the sewing looks like for a few rows. By this point you'll also feel that the scarf is firming up.

When you are close to the end of your yarn on the needle take those last stitches to the end of the scarf. Tie these off and leave enough of a tail (about an inch and a half) to weave in later.

Attach your yarn, to begin the next row, on the opposite side and keep sewing.

Yes, I know this looks a little rough.
All those ends will 'magically' disappear in the final step.

Finishing Edge

A single crochet (sc) edge not only give the edge a more finished look, it also gives you the ability to crochet all those loose ends into the work (simply hold the ends and single crochet (sc) over them as well. So you don't have to do any additional weaving - except for the very last end.

If you need to review single crochet (sc), please click here.

At the very end you'll be able to single crochet (sc) the tips of the strips right to the scarf.

Start one row down from the end - catch the space between rows -
working down the long length of the scarf first.

You will do 3 single crochet (sc) around each triple crochet (tc) post - followed by 1 single crochet (sc) in the space between rows. The picture above also shows you what the space between rows looks. like.

Do 3 single crochet (sc) in each corner to smoothly bring yourself around the corner.

On the short edges make sure to pick up one thread of the chain and the end of the strips - this secures them. Make sure to weave the color loose ends along the color so they disappear.

When you get back to your starting point, slip stitch (sl st) connect this to your starting stitch. This will be the only ends you'll have to weave in.

Carefully pull each 'woven' thread a little tight and snip the excess.

If you want, you could add fringe.
I think the Crochet Scarf is beautiful just as it is. USA, LLC

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