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Crochet Slippers
Doubled Bottom

Making Crochet Slippers that are simple enough crochet, super warm with a doubled bottom, and with a CUSTOM fit isn't that hard. Custom fit slippers? Face it - the two most important things about slippers is that they keep your feet warm, and they need to be super comfortable. Around this house these slippers are called foot rugs.

Materials, Tools, & Gauge

* For the crochet slippers I use a standard 4 ply yarn, usually Red Heart. These slippers are made with Red Heart's Super Saver Watercolor - 1 skein, and Super Saver Frosty Green - 1 skein. The flowers are made with Super Saver Orchid, and Frosty Green.

* I/9 - 5.50mm crochet hook.

* Yarn Needle, and Scissors. Paper to draw your pattern, Graph Paper to transfer your pattern.

Gauge: Before we even get into the crochet slippers pattern check your crochet gauge using your supplies. Single Crochet (sc) 20 stitches x 20 rows and make sure your gauge is: 16 stitches = 4 inches | 16 rows = 4 inches. If it isn't adjust your crochet hook to reach this gauge. I will be talking a little more about the importance of gauge for this pattern.

You are actually going to be making your own pattern, for these crochet slippers, using graph paper that is 4 squares = 1 inch. This will tell you how many stitches to crochet and how many rows to work with. For this reason your gauge is SUPER important.

Making your Crochet Slippers Pattern

Stand on a piece of plain paper. If the person has a very large foot - you might need to use 2 pieces of paper, or turn the paper slightly diagonal, or use a brown paper bag.

I usually wear slippers with a pair of socks so I put on the socks that I wear most. This way I'll get an exact fit - with my socks on.

Hold a pencil or pen straight up and down, don't let it curl under your foot.

Yes, get all the little bumps of your toes, you'll even things out in a little bit.

This is my foot.

After you have your foot on paper, even out the edges.

You'll note from the bone under my big toe, to my big toe, I evened it out. I also even out the space between my toes. Do this for any place that looks like it could be done.

I use a small piece of paper, as a straight edge, to do this.

(The outside lines and box in the middle is just to help me center.)

1. Fold your foot paper in half, lengthwise, getting the heel centered and match the widest part of the toe areas. This gives you a crease to help you center the foot on the graph paper.

2. Center the foot paper on the graph paper and trace around it.

1. At the big toe bone on the inside of the foot, move out 2 squares. This will hold true with all feet. Draw a straight line from toe to heel.

2. At about the center of the heel draw the little notch (for children its 2 - for adults its 4) That looks like an upside V. Draw a line from the notch to the right line.

3. Count the squares on the right from the notch (mine is 8). Draw the left line, from the notch out (mine is 8).

4. Draw the left line up to the point where the toes begin to go in. Draw diagonal from there. Make sure the diagonal gets close to the toes - but NOT inside the foot diagram.

* Its important to have the same number of squares wide on both sides. I moved my notch off center a little to achieve the balance.

The pattern above will make a very nice looking pair of slippers, however, I know some of you will want something a little more form fitting. There are a few adjustments you can make.

1. At the big toe you can cut off the boxy look with a diagonal line across 2 squares.

2. At the heel, for a more form fitting heel, you can do your notch (upside down V) in 6 for adults, and 4 for children.

If a person has sensitive toes you can also increase at the toes by one square up. Do not add squares to the heel end.

I know all these look boxy. When you do the final sewing it will all come together and fit the foot. As I said above, you can adjust a little.

The pattern you just finished above is a bottom. Next you need to draw a top (this is all crocheted as one long piece). Followed by one more bottom. You will need to tape some graph paper together.

1. Copy the pattern below, but doing it backwards. Do not draw the notch at the heel. I'll explain the line in the center in just a moment, it's the hole you put your foot in.

2. The end is another copy, and another bottom, 2 layers of bottom make the slippers very warm.

You now have a base crochet slippers pattern that allows you to count stitches and shows you exactly what to crochet. Do you see why your gauge is so important? Looking at the picture just above, you would start crocheting from the bottom of the pattern up (working from side to side). For my crochet slippers I chain (ch) 41 stitches, and single crochet (sc) 40. Yours will be different.

When I get to the heel section I decrease (skipping one stitch) to make the notch - and then increase (2 single crochet in one stitch) again. Why that notch? The little notch helps the fabric of crochet slippers go around the heel slightly, instead of forming a big lump at the back. 

At the toes I would decrease (skipping one stitch) to match the pattern. As I start working the top section I increase (2 single crochet in one stitch) to match the pattern again.

At that middle line: The line indicates a break where you stop crocheting - and then the next row add those stitches back by chaining the same number (plus 1). Then continue, working in the chain. This will make the hole your foot goes into.

Find the exact center of stitches (for me its 20 stitches). Move your line 4 stitches toward the toe (for children it would be 2 or 3)

You MUST crochet from heel to toe on the bottom (the row before the line) - and then from toe to heel going back. Mark the direction on your pattern - then mark down to the bottom so you know what direction to start in. Its pretty frustrating to get to that point and find out you have to start over because you were going the wrong direction. I write on my pattern which side has the yarn tail.

Don't be afraid to write yourself notes on your crochet slippers pattern.

Important Crochet Slippers Pattern Note: Gauge is going to be an extremely important factor - honestly, not many of you will be able to match the 4 squares per inch on the graph paper. What's very important is matching 4 rows per inch. Crochet a little and hold it to the graph paper, flatten your work out and see if you match the rows. Most people, when they match the rows, go over a little at the toes and heel. You WANT this - it gives you toe room and sewing room.

If you are one of the rare people that match the 4 x 4 perfectly - then add an extra stitch at the toes.

Pattern (make 2)

Beginning: Start by measuring out a 'tail' that's 4 times the (side) length of the slipper (from heel to toe). You'll use this tail for sewing later and its so much easier to leave it now instead of tying it on (and then hiding the ends) when you get there.

Count your stitches (toe to heel) and make a note on your pattern. You'll add one stitch to your chain. My pattern indicates 40 stitches to start, so I'll chain (ch) 41. Yours will most likely be different.

After you've made your chain (ch), single crochet (sc) back across, starting with the second chain (ch) from the hook. Work only in the TOP thread of the chain (ch) so you have sewing room.

Single Crochet (sc) a few rows (always chain (ch) 1 before you turn) and lay this on your crochet slippers pattern. Write on your pattern which side the tail belongs. It is SO IMPORTANT to get this right. If you don't start off in the right direction you'll end up having to take all your work apart.

In the picture above you can see I marked the direction I need to
crochet (the little symbols down the center). My yarn tail needs to
be at the heel - so to get this correct I need to turn my work.

Single crochet (sc) the number of rows your crochet slippers pattern tells you - to the notch. Stop and put your beginning on the pattern and make sure everything is going in the correct direction. Stopping here is so important to protect yourself against having to take it apart later.

The Notch & Top: Keep an eye on the top of your crochet slippers (the toe). You want to make sure you start your decrease at the toe in the correct row as well.

From Bottom to Top: Just a note here - you don't stop crocheting from the bottom section to the top. The line between simply tells you what section you're working on. On my slippers I decided to change color. Changing color makes sewing so much easier.

The picture above is one slipper with all the crochet part done.

Ending: When you are done crocheting measure a length of yarn that's 4 times the length of the slipper again. This gives you the extra sewing thread as well.

If your first yarn tail was at the heel, your last yarn tail MUST be at the toe, or vise versa. This is very important for sewing the slippers together. If you have to add one row to make this happen - do it.

Adornments: If you're going to put anything on your slippers (like a flower for a girl or a monster eye for a boy) this is the time to do it as you can still easily sew something on. I decided to put my signature flower on my slippers. Before you start sewing any adornments on, take a moment to fold the slippers so you make sure you're putting it on the outside (see below in sewing).

Sewing Your Slippers Together

To make the bottom double you crocheted 2 'bottoms' in your pattern. To make one right and one left lay them down so they look right and left (using the center section as your guide). Fold the side by the big toe under first - followed by the side by the baby toe. In other words - the side by the big toe (the inside of the foot) will have the open, outside, edge.

Sew the inside - by the baby toe - first, followed by the outside - by the big toe.

Thread your needle with the long tail (most of the time this is by the toe end). When you fold the bottom over be careful to make sure things are even.

The stitch to use here is simple, go through the crochet stitch of the bottom and around the corresponding post of the top single crochet.

After you've done the inside, fold the outside over and repeat the sewing with the other yarn tail.

This sewing stitch pretty much disappears.

Close up the sides of both slippers, don't cut the yarn.

Take a moment and make sure any loose ends are tucked between the two bottom layers of your crochet slippers. Also, if you had to tie on yarn in the middle of your work make sure and pull those knots between the two bottom layers.

In the back at the heel you'll need to bring your yarn tail down to the notch. Do this by weaving it through the inside layer.

For both heel and toe make sure and pick up all layers and pull each stitch tight. This is just a simple continuing circular stitch.

At the back, the heel, you'll need to bring the loose end of the tail back down to the double bottom. Leaving your needle threaded simply weave this down through stitches.

On both the toes and the heels hide the rest of the loose ends (yes, you may want to trim some off) inside the two layers of the crochet slippers bottom.

You can finish them with an edging around the opening. I like to use a crochet hook one size smaller for the edging, but you don't have to. USA, LLC

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