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Crochet Flowers, Forever Flowers

Crochet Flowers are some of the prettiest ways to say, "I love you." They are a flower that will last forever, which is how they got the name "Forever Flowers". Some can be incorporated into crochet squares or circles to make them part of a bigger project. Some lay flat and can just be sewn on to the edge of other things like curtains or pillowcases. You can decorate hats, purses, and clothing. No matter how you decided to use them, they always bring a little joy into your home.

If you'd like to see some incorporated into squares you can look here.

One of my favorite things to do is to photograph flowers in the wild. As time moves on I will be trying to crochet some of the beautiful flowers I've taken pictures of. This will be the place to see some of those flowers.

Alphabetical List of Crochet Flowers

Aster Flower Decal

Two times a year our fields turn into beautiful displays of pink, purple, and blue. They are filled with Asters. These are small, daisy-like flowers that grow in clumps on very low bushes. I brought all my thread with me to match the beautiful colors. (I bet the people around here thought I was nuts, lol.)

Button Flower

The Crochet Button Flower started out curiosity. I saw a video about how to make a cloth button flower and decided to try it with crochet. I just love the large flowers put on the side of little (even big) girls hats. This flower has become part of many things I've made. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.


Coneflowers are another daisy-like flower. They tend to have pointed petals and the characteristic raised cone center. The fun thing about coneflowers is the WIDE variety of colors. You could almost color match any room in your home. That leads to the fun of also making whimsical Coneflowers in any color combination you want. USA, LLC

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LARGE Daisy Crochet Flower

This Daisy is designed to be LARGE, designed to be made with 4 ply yarn and measures about 6 inches across. Yes, you can use thinner yarn, even thread. However, the idea is to have a very big, very showy Daisy to sew on to many items. If your kitchen is done in Daisies, this is the flower to pick.

Mom's Crochet Logo Flower

This flower has been a part of this website from the beginning. I found the 'real' flower in the yarn of a friend in Florida, while I was visiting. I was so struck by how pretty the little thing was that I sat down in the yard and crocheted a flower that looked as close as I could get. The crochet version became the Logo for the website.

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