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Crochet Solid Circle Start

The Crochet Solid Circle Start is a technique for starting a disk when crocheting in the round. I'm going to show you some tricks to make it better.

When I started crocheting (over 50 years ago) I would always end up with a hole in the middle. No matter how tight I made my stitches, there was that hole. And it sure didn't seem very solid to me. I finally learned the 'secrets' when I joined a Crochet Club.

This was well before Internet or YouTube so my only choices were other people, books, or magazines. No matter where I looked, I couldn't find out how to get rid of that hole in the center of a crochet disk. After I joined a crochet club I simply asked. And low and behold, there was someone who knew the secrets and was pleased to share them with me. I will always be thankful for the crochet clubs I belonged to.

Lesson for Crochet Solid Circle Start.

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First Round

When you attach your yarn to your hook, leave a long tail end. You'll need about 4 - 5 inches.

Most of the time you'll start with a chain 2. However, if you're using very bulky yarn you may want to try a chain 3.

Your stitches will all go into the first chain stitch closest to the beginning (the long loose end you left).

If you want your disk to bow out a bit, a good start number of stitches is 6. If you want your disk to be flat, a good start is 8 stitches. However, always follow what your pattern says. I'm doing 8 sc stitches for this example.

After you've done the first 3 or 4 stitches you'll come to your beginning knot and your loose end.

BIG SECRET: Crochet over the loose end as you continue your first stitches.

Second Round

Be careful to start the next round in the actual stitch, not in the loop below the stitch.

Most second rounds are done with 2 stitches in every stitch (read your pattern to see if this is different). I did 8 sc stitches for my first round, so for this round I'll be single crocheting a total of 16 stitches.

VERY IMPORTANT: Continue to crochet over the loose thread.

At the end of the second round pull the last stitch yarn out a little and remove your hook.

In the picture you can see the hole that's been left in the center. This is the complaint that most people have about doing a Crochet Solid Circle Start. 

NEXT BIG SECRET: It's time to snuggle and pull on that loose end. As you do the hole in the center will disappear. Keep pulling and tightening the loose end until it looks nice and tight to you.

In this last picture I have a nice tight center, no more hole.

Here's a bonus: Because you've been crocheting over the loose end, when you have it as tight as you want it, you can just snip it off. You have effectively hidden this end while you crocheted. USA, LLC

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