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Simple Daisy Square

The Simple Daisy Square is a crochet Daisy like flower in the middle of a Granny Square. Back in the 70s I made these (in bright, hot colors) to adorn clothing and accessories. But also to create 'outfits' that matched out of things that didn't even come close. Maybe it's time to bring this back?

I'm sure someone else has thought of this, or even created it, but this idea has been in my pattern basket since 1971. If you know of an 'original' creator of this exact pattern, please let me know so I can give them credit.

Making the Daisy Like Flower

(I use a yellow I have on hand - This is Caron Simply Soft.) Chain 4, slip stitch connect to the first chain to make a little circle, chain 1, single crochet 8 stitches into the circle, tie on next color (I use a white - keep your yarn type the same, so this is also Caron Simply Soft.).

Slip Stitch to the first stitch to finish the circle, *chain 6, in the 4th chain from the hook triple crochet 1, in the next stitch in the chain double crochet 1, in the last stitch in the chain single crochet 1, slip stitch to the next stitch on the circle.*

Repeat the instruction between the stars (*) until you have 8 flower peddles.

Cut the yarn and bind it by pulling the yarn end through the last loop.

Building The Daisy Square

Slip Knot a stitch onto your crochet hook in the color you want for your square.

Each peddle end actually has 3 chain stitches. To attach your yarn you'll be catching the outside loop of each chain stitch.

Attach your yarn with a single crochet to the first outside chain, single crochet into the second and third outside chain, chain 3, single crochet to the top 3 of the next peddle, chain 2. Repeat the until all 8 peddles are connected and you should end with a chain 3. Slip stitch connect to the first.

Slip stitch 3 times to bring the hook into the open area. Chain 2, double crochet 2, chain 3, double crochet 3.

On a Side: Chain 1, double crochet 3 into the next space, chain 1.

On a Corner: Double crochet 3, chain 3, double crochet 3 into the same space.

You can continue to go around your daisy square as many times as you like.

Alternating standard granny squares and daisy granny squares makes a beautiful pattern. USA, LLC

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