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Diamond Scarf, Triple Crochet

The Diamond Scarf is a beautiful beginners crochet pattern using triple crochet. The color you pick decides if this scarf is for a man or woman. 4 diamond blocks makes a great cowl (just sew the ends together), while 7 diamond blocks is great for a scarf. Want a longer scarf? Just keep making blocks until you're happy.

It's the length (height) of the triple crochet stitch that helps to make the diamond pattern. You could use double crochet, however your diamonds will be more square.

You can change the look a little by adding fringe. I find most men (at least the ones I know) don't really like fringe, and that's the reason for the solid first and last rows of single crochet. As you get more experience you could change the color of the inside of the diamonds really making them pop.

At the bottom of these instructions I'll also tell you how to turn the simple diamond pattern into more diamonds side-by-side, and make an easy shawl.

Crochet Materials & Tools for The Diamond Scarf

Yarn: Any 4 ply standard yarn will work so have fun picking your color. I find Red Heart Super Saver to work wonderfully. If you want a softer diamond scarf think about Caron Simply Soft.

Hook: I used a G 4.00mm hook, but you can also use an H 5.00mm hook, or an I 5.5mm hook.

Other: Scissors, 2 stitch markers (I use bobby pins), and a yarn needle. Leave long tail ends (about 4 - 5 inches) and use your needle to weave the ends into the scarf.

Gauge does not really apply.

Pattern For The Diamond Scarf.

Category: Beginners

These instructions are a little different than 'normal' row by row instructions as I know some of you will want to make bigger diamonds or smaller diamonds. I am going to explain how to make the blocks that make up the diamond pattern. You will also see the exact count of rows to make the scarf pictured. I want you to be able to play with this simple diamond pattern and be able to also use it as a stitch pattern.

Chain (ch) 31, Row 1: Single Crochet (sc) 30.
It's very important to turn your chain over and catch the (one) loop on the back of the chain. This gives you a finished edge at the bottom that looks as nice as the finished edge at the top.

Row 2: Chain (ch) 4 & turn. Pick up the second stitch from the end. 1 triple crochet (tc) in each stitch, for 30 stitches across.

When you are done with the row mark the 2 center stitches (count 15 each side into the center). I use bobby pins for this.

Row 3: Chain (ch) 4 & turn. Pick up the 2nd stitch from the end. 1 triple crochet (tc) in each stitch, for 14 stitches. Chain (ch) 2, skip the 2 marked stitches (you can take your markers out now), and triple crochet (tc) into the next stitch, triple crochet (tc) 1 in each stitch across for 13 more.

Note that the last stitch on your row will look like the picture to the right.

When done your row will look like the picture below. USA, LLC

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Making the Diamonds

For the diamond scarf as pictured, you will add blocks, getting closer to the edge, for the next 4 rows. It's also important to remember that you need six stitches, on either side of your diamond, to make a good solid fabric.

To make a block you chain (ch) 2, skip 2, and triple crochet (tc) into the next stitch.

When crocheting over the top of a block you triple crochet (tc) 2 around the chain that makes the top of the block below (see picture below).

When you've done the 2 blocks on the next row the picture below shows you what it will look like.

So, for the Diamond Scarf you will do 1 row with 1 block, 4 rows with blocks go out, 3 rows with blocks going in, and the last row with 1 block centered.

One triple crochet (tc) row between diamonds keeps your row appearance the same. If you decide to crochet rows your row appearance will be different (right side / wrong side).

At the VERY end of your scarf, when it's as long as you want it, finish with one Single Crochet (sc) row. This gives you a nice firm, finished edge.

Turn the Diamond Scarf into a Simple Shawl or More

You will note at the beginning you chained 31, and crocheted 30 stitches. To make this wider (more diamonds next to each other) you will use multiples of 30, +1.

2 diamonds would be chain 60 + 1.

3 diamonds would be chain 90 + 1. This would be your shawl.

7 diamonds would be chain 210 + 1. If you did this size you could make a nice twin bed sized throw.

Each diamond pattern as you see it on the scarf, using 4 ply yarn and a G 4.00mm hook, is about 7 inches wide.

All text and photos, of this Diamond Scarf, are original. Notice of Copyright © by Sandy Marie & Mom's Crochet, March 2016. All rights reserved.

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