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Why Moms Crochet Email List
Is Different

Moms Crochet email list is different in a number of ways.

  • I don't blast you with "buy my - buy my" stuff. Between us, that sort of abuse drives me nuts. I hate signing up to an list and the only thing I get is a bunch ads to buy things. Maybe I'm just old fashion, but I feel like the people who join a list are special and deserve more.
  • This list is designed to share information, give tips and tricks and teach in a way that only a list can.
  • I've even designed the sign up form so you can pick exactly what you're interested in. You may not get as many emails from me as you do from other lists, but you'll get the stuff you want.

To that end each sign up form has a group of check boxes. You can pick as many or as few as you like. First, everyone will always get the Monthly Newsletter.

  • Crochet Beginners: Tips and tricks, mini lessons, where to find good information, easy patterns.
  • Advancing Crochet: Tips and tricks to help you create more professional items, mini lessons just for you, yes some patterns but that's not the focus here.
  • Crochet Patterns: Free and Pay for crochet patterns (and NOT just Moms Crochet). When I find patterns that look awesome, I bring them here.
  • Moms Crochet Fiber Art Club: This is mostly for the members of the club, but you are welcome to join this section and you'll get the 'public' posts.
  • Crochet Business Tips: There has been such an outcry for information about running a crochet business. It's time to share the good and the bad.

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I have a 'business' friend that asked me why I'm putting my time and effort into something that wasn't designed to make me a bunch of money. Yes, there are a lot of expenses involved in running any kind of business, and I put a lot of money into my business as well as my time. But ...

How do I explain to someone who doesn't crochet, the love of this craft?

How do I explain the deep rooted community mind set?

How do I tell him that when my Crochet Friends succeed - so do I?

Honestly, I can't explain it and I don't want to. I've been crocheting for 50+ years, there is love here. USA, LLC

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