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Fall Leaves Decal

Crocheted Fall Leaves are fun and fast to make and can become decorations all over your home or on your clothing. They are even a good size to put on earring hooks.

Where I live, in New Mexico, the primary leaf is from the Aspen tree. This fun little autumn leaf is basically styled after them. I recently received a pretty cream colored blouse and decided I wanted something to decorate it. The Fall Leaves were created, and as I made them I started thinking of all kinds of things to do with them.

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Crochet Materials, Tools, and Gauge for the Fall Leaves

Category: Easy

The nicest part of this pattern is that any yarn, with an appropriate hook size, will work just fine.

What's an "appropriate" hook size? If you look on your yarn label you'll see a small area that gives you basic gauge. The size hook they suggest, for the yarn, creates the best look. This would be the "appropriate" size hook.

Yarn: I used Red Heart Super Saver: Fall. This yarn comes in this pretty variegated color.

Hook: G/6 - 4.25mm

Other: Scissors, yarn needle (used to hide ends).

Gauge: Not important, simply pick the size yarn and hook that makes a nice size for your project.

Fall Leaves Pattern

Leave a 5 - 6 inch tail so you can easily thread your yarn needle at the end.

Chain (ch) 10: Slip Stitch (sl st) into the first 3 chain stitches. Chain (ch) 3.

Picking up only the top stitch of the chain - Triple Crochet (tr) 2, Double Crochet (dc) 2, Single Crochet (sc) 2. The last Single Crochet (sc) should go into the easiest area of the last chain.

Chain 3 (throughout the next stitches hold the original end across your work so you crochet it into the leaf)

The first Single Crochet should go into the same space as the last one, only you are now working back down the other side of the chain.

Single Crochet (sc) 1

From this point pick up the bottom loop of the chain. Single Crochet (sc) 1 more, Double Crochet (dc) 2, Triple Crochet (tr) 2 (be sure to hold that loose end in, while you are crocheting).

Chain (ch) 2 and Slip Stitch (sl st) into the same place as the last Triple Crochet (tr).

Snip the end to match the 1st loose end. Pull the thread through your slip stitch (sl st) loop and pull it tight. Tie these two ends into a tight knot.

Thread both ends onto your yarn needle.

Run your needle up one side of stitches on the back of the leaf, stopping a little short of the tip of the leaf.

Pull the threads a little tight and snip them so they are well hidden. USA, LLC

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