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The Fiber Art Journal is a way to watch me as I create, learn about what's new, and get the inside scoop. You'll see what works and what doesn't. Have you ever wondered what goes on in the mind of an Artist / Designer? Do you want to know why something was created, how did the colors get picked, why the recommended materials were chosen?

I believe you'll learn more from watching the process, than you'll ever learn from lessons or patterns.

Once an item is finished you can still go back to see what I did. On this page I'll list both the current projects and the archived, so this is the index page to jump in.

PS: I won't get 'dressed up' to take pictures, lol. You'll see me as I am, day-to-day.

About Fiber Art Journal Entries

The Fiber Art Journal is set up in a semi-blog format. The links in 'Current Projects' start with the most current entry and go down to the beginning. On each Journal page you'll also find all the links to the previous pages. This gives you the ability follow along as I'm creating, or jump to any place you left off.

'Archived Projects' have only the start link to the first entry, and each page contains all the links to all the pages entered in the project.

Current Projects

Pinkflower Cactus

Pinkflower Success (page 3)
A description of how I'm building this, layer by layer. This will be a 3D soft sculpture (Fiber Art) of the entire plant.

Pinkflower Cactus Flower Fail (page 2)
I really don't have OCD, but I do want this to be the best I can make. So, here are the first 3 fails. Hopefully #4 will be the charm.

Pinkflower Cactus Idea (page 1)
This is the first page in this series. It explains the birth of the idea to create this as a piece of Fiber Art.

Archived Projects

None yet.


It occurred to me that more 'how-to' lessons could be taught in a format that shared not just the successes, but also the failures. By the time a person buys a pattern or a finished item, the bugs (usually / hopefully) have been worked out. Sure, it paints a great picture of the Artist / Designer (making it look easy for them), but it doesn't tell the whole truth.

This series is designed to tell the whole truth. How many times did I scrap something before I got it right? How did the original idea morph into something totally different? What did I do when something just didn't look right (and why did I feel it didn't look right)?

Yes, I have over 50 years of experience, but that doesn't mean that things always go right the first time. What it does mean is that I have the skills to change my mind and try something different.

Thank you for taking the time to enjoy this,
Sandy Marie

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