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Filet Crochet P3:

Filet Crochet P3 solves the problem of squishy blocks and leaning rows. Do you suffer from squishy blocks and leaning rows? Has it stopped you from enjoying Filet Crochet because your work doesn't look like the beautiful graph does? Look no further, watch the video.

Be advised I start the video joking around (tongue in cheek).

Below the video I explain how to do the extended double crochet stitch.

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Filet Crochet P3: Extended Double Crochet Solves the Problem

Extended Double Crochet does solve the problem. First, you begin the stitch, basically, with a single crochet and build up. Having that 'extra' stitch does two things. 1) It raises the stitch up, just a touch, solving the horizontal height. 2) Because of a more solid base the stitch doesn't lean as much.

Depending on how tight or loose you crochet, you will have some problem with leaning stitches in both double or triple (treble) crochet. So just know that EVERYONE has done and seen their stitches lean.

Start just like you would a normal double crochet. Yarn Over (YO) one time. Insert your hook where you want the stitch, 

Yarn Over (YO) one more time.

Pull the loop through. You should have three stitches on your hook.

This is where the stitch changes. Yarn Over (YO) to catch your yarn, pull ONE loop through the FIRST THREAD ONLY.

Finish your stitch like a normal Double Crochet (dc). Yarn Over (YO), pull a loop through two threads on your hook. Then Yarn Over (YO) again, and pull your yarn through the last two threads on your hook.

Its not a difficult stitch at all. However the end result is wonderful, and for Filet Crochet P3 I really wanted to show this to you. For me it solved my height problem. My Filet Crochet now produced square blocks. So my work would now match my graph, instead of being squished. What really amazed me was the straight posts. My stitches no longer leaned, and the blocks looked like blocks. Both of the samples are straight off the hook, no blocking.

You may enjoy Filet Crochet P1: The basics.
In Filet Crochet P2: I teach increase and decrease. USA, LLC

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