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Foundation Single Crochet
aka Chainless Foundation

The Foundation Single Crochet (aka Chainless Foundation) is seriously the way to start any project you can. In the picture below you see two examples. The leftmost picture is using the Foundation SC. The right is starting with a normal chain.

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I did this with variegated yarn to show you something. When using a Chainless Foundation your color carries through in the first row giving you a much more professional look. Using a normal chain beginning your colors will seldom match up.

It also gives you a more 'squared' appearance. If you happened to chain too tight the chain will pull your work at the bottom warping your project. If you chained too loose you'll have loops of thread at the bottom.

Also what you don't see is the stretch. A normal chain binds the work and doesn't stretch much. The Foundation Single Crochet has the same stretch as your work. So this start is preferred for cuffs, bottom edgings, neck lines, etc.

Instruction for Foundation Single Crochet

I strongly suggest you start with some 4 ply crochet cotton. This will give you good clean stitches that you can see.

I also suggest you use an "I 5.5mm" hook for your first attempt.

Both of these are just suggestions and you can use what ever materials you have on hand.

Take your time as you read through the instructions. If you simply do each step, as it's described, you will find this to be very easy.

There's a lot of description with each step. It's there to help you understand why and how the foundation single crochet works.

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Note: The free lesson download (click the button above to get your copy) has all these instructions, PLUS a 'quick sheet' that just outlines the steps. The quick sheet is good to have handy while you are working the foundation single crochet for the first few times.

Start with a normal slip knot to put the yarn on your hook.

A slip knot is important as this is the first stitch you'll work into. You want it to have a little give.

Chain (ch) 2

These are normal chain stitches and will be the only chain stitches you use.

Place your hook through the first (slip knot) stitch.

With 2 loops on top and 1 loop on bottom.

Yarn Over (YO) and draw 1 loop through.

You should now have 2 loops on your hook.

Yarn Over (YO) and draw 1 loop through the FIRST LOOP on your hook ONLY.

This creates the next bottom chain stitch.

Yarn Over (YO) and draw 1 loop through BOTH loops on your hook.

This creates the single crochet (sc) stitch. You've just finished 1 (if you're counting chain stitches).

I share the picture just above to show you the strange 'mess' you'll have after the first foundation single crochet. The first time I did a chainless foundation I saw this and thought I was doing something wrong. So don't panic, you are correct, and you should have a strange gloopy looking mess. Just keep following along.

This begins your second stitch (if you're counting chain stitches).

Insert your hook under the 2 threads just below.

Be careful here as it's easy to go into the single crochet and not the 2 threads above it. You can turn your work slightly to see. Try picking up one thread at time.

Yarn Over (YO) and draw up a loop.

You should have 2 threads on your hook.

Yarn Over (YO) and draw 1 loop through the FIRST LOOP on your hook ONLY.

This creates the next bottom chain stitch.

Yarn Over (YO) and draw 1 loop through BOTH loops on your hook.

This creates the single crochet (sc) stitch. You've just finished #2 (if you're counting chain stitches).

Keep going making your chainless foundation until you have done several stitches. You'll find, after the first few, that you gain a rhythm, and it becomes almost as easy as a normal chain.

Notice that you are actually working upside down. Your 'chains' are on the top, and your first single crochet row is below it. Don't let that make you uncomfortable.

In order to make your next row simply chain (ch) 1 and turn your work so the single crochet (sc) side is facing up.

Then make normal single crochet (sc) stitches across the row.

Your bottom row, the foundation single crochet, has a very nice even look. In my opinion it's much more professional looking. USA, LLC

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