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Free Crochet Patterns

The Free Crochet Patterns you'll find here are designed to help you practice a lesson or new skill. Some of them actually teach you the skill while you are crocheting. You will be creating some beautiful, unique items in the process of learning.

You may want to bookmark this page and come back often to see what new Free Crochet Patterns are available.

Free Crochet Patterns Index

The Free Crochet Patterns are listed in alphabetical order, with a little thumbnail picture of the pattern. To go to the pattern page just click the Title or the Picture. I also include a brief pattern description.

Free Crochet Patterns A - D

Autumn Placemat

The Autumn Placemat is a Fun, Easy pattern that incorporates both normal Double Crochet, and Extended Double Crochet. In addition it uses the Reversible Granny Square, and shows you how to do it with solid stitches (the edging). It is a pretty quick crochet so you can have a lovely, seasonal table in just a few days.

Full PDF included.

Checkerboard Placemat Lesson/Pattern

There's a trick to changing color, following a grid / graph, and carrying yarn. You can learn the tricks here: Intarsia Crochet Part 1 or just jump in and practice with this fun Checkerboard Placemat.

On the webpage you will find the complete lesson and pattern, at the bottom of the page you can download the free PDF.

Chevron Ski Hat

Enjoy the warmth of an extra large to cuff to cover your ears. Pattern features sizes Small, Medium, and large. Full PDF free download on the page.

The Chevron Ski Hat, aside of practicing the Chevron Stitch, also teaches how to increase the stitch.

Clutch Wallet

A Clutch Purse, a Full Sized Wallet. Has space for your cell phone, credit and ID cards, money, check book, and coin purse. Easy to crochet, full sewing instructions, WITH PICTURES - inside the PDF.

PDF Pattern INCLUDES the Coin Purse pattern (below). NO NEED to download 2 things. This practices very basic, easy sewing and how to build things out of pieces. Plus the Breezy Blocks Stitch Pattern.

Coin Purse

This little coin purse has some history you can read about on the page. It has a pouch for your coins, and an outside 'mesh' pocket (Breezy Blocks Stitch), for folded dollars or an ID card.

You can download *just* this pattern at the page linked above, or you can download the Clutch Wallet above and get BOTH patterns.

Connected Squares Dishcloth
or Spa Washcloth

Practice the Connected Squares Stitch Pattern with this beautiful Dishcloth / Spa Washcloth. You will love its scrubbing ability, people will wonder how you made it. You don't sew them, the squares connect AS you crochet.

On the webpage you will find the pattern, at the bottom you can download the free PDF. You will need the Connected Squares Stitch Pattern to work this.

Crochet Bells

The pattern, Crochet Bells, actually helps you practice 6 different stitches. You will practice Single Crochet, Extended Single Crochet, Double Crochet, Extended Double Crochet, Triple Crochet, and Extended Triple Crochet.

You will also find a PDF download, and a link to the step-by-step video to help you along.

Crochet Potholder Lesson/Pattern

The Beginner's Crochet Potholder is done completely in Single Crochet with a little chain loop for hanging. It's a large potholder about 8.5 x 8.5 and doubled for protection from heat.

Complete Free PDF download with beginners instruction, PLUS a 'Short Version' standard pattern for experienced crocheters.

Crochet Slippers

These slippers have a doubled bottom for extra warmth. They help you practice measuring, shaping, and sewing.

The flower is our very own Logo Flower.

This pattern is on my 'to-do' list to transfer to a PDF version for FREE download. For now, enjoy the pattern on the website.

Diamond Scarf, Beginners Pattern

The Diamond Scarf is designed to practice Triple (a.k.a. Treble) Crochet. You'll also learn how to make the simple diamond pattern, and how to add more to make a shawl, throw, or full size afghan. It's a very easy crochet, designed for beginners.

Free Crochet Patterns E - H

Some of my crochet patterns are still being re-done to make them easier to work with, and offer a free PDF version. In the mean time, you can still enjoy the pattern on the website.

Easy Crochet Dishcloth

This Easy Crochet Dishcloth is designed to go with the Beginner's Potholder so you can make a pretty set. There is one round of extended double crochet, other than that the entire dishcloth is single crochet.

Free PDF download, PLUS a 'Short Version' standard pattern for experienced crocheters.

Easy Crochet Hand Towel

Pure Luxury! This homemade hand towel is perfect for a Spa set, but where it really shines is in the Kitchen. Much more thirsty then expected.

Free PDF download, PLUS a 'Short Version' for experienced crocheters.

Flatbread Tortilla Server- 3 sizes

Don't limit this beautiful serving dish. Yes it was designed for flatbread or tortillas, however let this covered basket serve you in every room of your house. Spa basket, candy dish, use it on your dresser or desk.

Free PDF download, ALL THREE SIZES in one pattern.

Half Double Crochet Purse Beginners

The Little Beginner's Crochet Purse is the perfect size for an evening out. It is completely done in Half Double Crochet, with a Slip Stitch seam. The drawstrings are made using a Chain Stitch and Slip Stitch.

This pattern is on my 'to-do' list to transfer to a PDF version for FREE download. For now, enjoy the pattern on the website.

Hard Crochet Coasters

As the name states, this pattern is designed to practice the technique called Hard Crochet. Within a few rounds you'll feel the stiff fabric that Hard Crochet creates. In the series of practice patterns, this is the first one you should try. It's simple, small, and gives you the feeling of this lesson.

Hard Crochet Little Bag

This is the second pattern you should try when learning how to work with Hard Crochet. It's a perfect size for a little girl, for a make-up bag, or you could do what I do and store your gadget charging cords in it. Again, the pattern is very simple and can be finished in a day. It will show you how the 'shaping' automatically happens while you're working.

Hard Crochet Glasses Case

The Hard Crochet Eyeglasses Case teaches and shows what happens when you try to work with Hard Crochet Tapestry. Yes, the squares lean and that's why I picked a simple checkerboard pattern. You'll also get to learn how to make those cute little square buttons.

Heart Hat / Backed Granny

Have you ever put a backing on a Granny Square? When you do you can create many beautiful items like this Heart Hat. And, this is a very warm hat.

Free PDF download including the Heart Decal, Instruction for the Granny Square and Backing it, and how to build the Heart Hat.

His or Hers Crochet Hat Lesson/Pattern

One pattern (practicing double crochet) with a different ending for guys or gals. The chunky top helps to hold the heat in, making these hats very warm (for being double crochet).

This pattern is on my 'to-do' list to transfer to a PDF version for FREE download. For now, enjoy the pattern on the website.

Free Crochet Patterns I - L

Irish Tam

The Irish Tam is a very stylish hat that you can make for St. Patrick's Day or use any colors that make you happy. It can be made form fitting (pictured to the left) which is more of the military style, or can be made loose so it hangs beautifully to one side.

Free pattern on the web with free PDF.

Ladies Beaded Necktie

The beautiful Ladies Beaded Necktie becomes a unique piece of jewelry. It is written in a fashion that beginners can enjoy, with full descriptions and pictures.

On the webpage you will find the complete pattern, at the bottom of the page you can download the free PDF.

Leg Warmers

Make a pair of Leg Warmers to match your slippers and you'll be ready for the coldest evening. This is not exactly a row by row pattern, you'll be customizing the size to fit you exactly. And, that's why this pattern is FREE, because just like the slippers, I want you warm and comfy when you crochet *smile*.

This pattern is on my 'to-do' list to transfer to a PDF version for FREE download. For now, enjoy the pattern on the website.

Free Crochet Patterns M - T

Men's Belt Pouch

The Mens Belt Pouch is a perfect extra pocket. This free crochet pattern also teaches you to customize the size to anything you want. Find the full pattern on webpage, and a free PDF download.

Poncho Vest

This beautiful Poncho Vest is created with the Breezy Blocks stitch pattern making it a wonderful addition to your wardrobe that crochets up fast. It's made according your size so you can make it as short or long as you wish, or as loose or tight as is comfortable.

The page includes all instruction, plus a free PDF download.

Pot Scrubbie or Hair Scrunchie

Use Cotton fiber to match your potholder and / or dishcloth, and you have Pot Scrubbie that really works hard for you. You could also use this as a shower puff.

Use any fiber to match any outfit, and a hair rubber band (in the middle), and you've made a Hair Scrunchie.

This pattern shows you how to do both.

Round Rug using 3 Strands of 4 ply Yarn.

The Round Rug has been around for a very long time, but there were a few things I wanted to change about this classic pattern. First - NO FRINGE! Instead I added a classy edging. No ugly line, and no lumpy middle! It uses 3 strands of 4 ply yarn (what most of us have in the house).

On the webpage you'll find the complete pattern. Download the free PDF (at the bottom of the page) to also get a short version.

Free Crochet Patterns U - Z

I love helping folks learn the craft of crochet. These crochet patterns are all written with you in mind.

Wave Stitch Dicky

The Wave Stitch Dicky is a must have winter accessory, for either men or women. The yoke is designed to cover most of the shoulder area, and upper chest and back. The body can be made to be as long or short as you like. The end result is a fashion statement that speaks of class.

The full pattern is available on the page, and you can download a free PDF (located at the bottom).

Weaving Color Crochet Scarf Lesson/Pattern

This is a practice pattern for triple crochet. You can either do the weaving part, or you can just do the base and have a beautiful scarf when done.

This pattern is on my 'to-do' list to transfer to a PDF version for FREE download. For now, enjoy the pattern on the website.

You can find many free crochet patterns from the people who make yarn. You might enjoy looking at Red Heart Yarn, and Yarnspirations.

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