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Crochet Heart Hat
Backed Granny Square Beanie

This Crochet Heart Hat pattern includes the Crochet Heart, made into Granny Squares, with a Granny Square Backing, and sewn together to make a cute Crochet Heart Beanie. This may be one of the warmest hats you have.

I love the look of Granny Squares but for some things (like a Beanie) you want them to be warm. I started putting a backing on Granny Squares about 20 years ago and the backing opened up many wonderful ideas for cold weather items. Backed Granny Squares (even without hearts) are an excellent stash buster that you can use to make many things down the road.

This free pattern shows you how to build the Heart Hat with links to the Crochet Heart, and the Backed Granny Square. The free PDF (at the bottom of the page) includes all the instruction.


The Heart Hat

Materials, Tools & Gauge: Crochet Heart Hat

* Yarn: I used Caron Simply Soft White, and Victorian Rose. One skein of each color is more than enough to finish the full project.

* Hook: H/8 - 5.00 mm

* Other: Yarn needle and a scissors. 8 stitch markers (I used Bobby Pins).

* Gauge is not important for Heart Granny Squares. However, when you start turning these into items to wear you might want to take some time and check gauge to make sure your item fits you well. My gauge is: Single Crochet, 17 stitches = 4 inches. 20 rows = 4 inches.

In addition I measured my head to make sure the hat would fit. My measurement is 22.25 inches around my forehead. Making 4 squares I divide this number by 4, which equals 5.56 (5.5) inches for each square. Each of my Granny Squares needs to be 5 inches wide. There is a half inch that's added after the backing is put on. With this information I can measure my work as I progress and make adjustments as needed.

Make 4 Squares for Your Heart Hat

For the full Heart Decal pattern, click here.

In the PDF pattern to make this Heart Beanie (see below) you will get the full instructions for making this decal.

Be sure to leave the long tail ends on the Granny Squares. These will be used to sew the Heart Hat together. In general, leaving a tail end - 3 times the length - of your sewing area is more than enough to finish the project. So for this project you would leave a tail end that equals 3 times the length of ONE side of the square.

For the full pattern to make the Backed Granny Squares visit this page.

In the PDF pattern to make this Heart Hat (see below) you will get the full instructions for making backed Heart Granny Squares.

Heart Hat Pattern - Sewing the Squares Together.

After you make your 4 Heart Granny Squares, you will need to sew them together. I use the mattress stitch to do this, and I sew on the back side to give a pretty division between the squares, on the hat.

Thread your yarn needle. Making sure the hearts are facing up, turn your squares over so the backs are facing you.

First note that your yarn tie off is not exactly on the bottom. This is easily remedied by picking up two corner treads and pulling your yarn through.

Start from the right and pick up one back loop from both sides.

Next stitch starts on the left and picks up the next loop from both sides.

Tighten up your sewing about every 3 or 4 stitches.

See Mattress Stitch instructions here.

Continue sewing back and forth until you reach the top. Here is what your heart grannies should look like at the back.

Here's what the front should look like.

Continue sewing all 4 heart granny squares together.

The last thread at the bottom should be used to sew the group together making a circle. This makes the round, main part of Heart Hat.

NOTE: Some of you will prefer ear warmers instead of a hat. The basic pattern is simply to crochet one LESS round on the granny squares, and make one additional square for a total of 5. Finish the outside edges with a simple single crochet (sc) round and you have ear warmers.

Finishing Heart Hat Bottom

The little frill on the bottom is easy. Start by picking the heart you want in the back. Attach your yarn in the center of that block, and with the outside facing you ...

3 Double Crochet (dc) in 1 stitch.

Chain (ch) 1, skip 1 stitch.

3 Double Crochet (dc) in the next stitch.

Repeat all the way around. Connect them with a Slip Stitch (sl st).

Note: I make sure to skip 1 at each seam as I go around. No real reason, I just think it looks a little better.

Finishing The Top

Count stitches and mark the centers of each square. I use bobby pins as they don't seem to be in the way like stitch markers.

Start in the same place at the back, that you started your bottom finishing. Attach your yarn just to the left of the center stitch you marked.

Round 1: Single Crochet (sc) around skipping 1 stitch at each seam (you'll actually be skipping over the sewing), AND skipping 1 stitch at each center marked with the bobby pin.

For the next round mark both the seams and the centers.

Round 2: Single Crochet (sc) around skipping 1 stitch at each mark AND skipping 1 stitch between each mark.

Remove the bobby pins as you crochet - leaving the back (your start point) pin in place.

Rounds 3 & 4: Single Crochet (sc) 3, skip 1 stitch - all the way around.

At this point the crown of the Heart Hat should look similar to this picture.

Rounds 5 - 9: Single Crochet (sc) 2, skip 1 stitch - all the way around.

Keep your bobby pin at the back so you know when you've completed a round.

Cut your yarn so you have enough left to thread a yarn needle, about 6 - 8 inches.

Bind off using a slip stitch, followed by pulling the thread through the last loop on the hook, forming a knot.

Thread your needle and weave the end up and down through the stitches left at the top. End with the thread on the inside. Pull tight, and knot your yarn on the inside.

Note: If you'd like your Heart Hat to ride a little lower on your head (as it is it covers about half of your ears). Start with a few rows of straight single crochet. Before following the finishing instructions.

I personally love Backed Granny Beanies as they are a little heavier than standard hats and very, very warm. You can back ANY standard Granny Square, or use any beautiful Granny Square pattern you've found. So long as you check gauge, and make sure your squares will fit your head, have fun! The possibilities are endless. USA, LLC

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