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What I Believe

What I Believe about Basic Crochet Lessons

What I believe about Crochet Lessons is pretty simple. All basic lessons should be free. Here's how this belief came about.

My Mother taught me to crochet when I was 10 years old. I teased her because she was pregnant and I told her she just wanted to give me something to do. But the point is that she taught me. If she had not sat me down with a crochet hook and yarn, I wouldn't be here right now. I also had Aunts that shared tips and tricks with me.

And, I belonged to two crochet clubs, where I learned so much more. All those lessons were free! Yes, I purchased my share of crochet books and magazines, but that was mostly out of addiction (and if you crochet you understand my use of the word 'addiction'). However, I spent most of my early crochet life, learning the basics, in the library with 'free' books.

I brought myself from a Beginner, through Easy, Intermediate, and Experienced. These are ALL "Basic Lessons".

At Mom's Crochet All Basic Lessons are FREE!

There is One More Step, Not Talked Much About

Tapestry Bag by Carol Ventura

The step not talked much about is bringing your crochet into the realm of "Fiber Art". It includes skills such as Irish Lace, Free Hand Art, Tambor Crochet, Pottery, and Advanced Intarsia and Tapestry. If a crocheter comes to these levels they should hire the Professional who is teaching.

If you've ever wanted to create art with your crochet hook, art that sells, this is the level to look at. One such Artist is Carol Ventura (you can learn about her on Amazon)

This is the level of Crochet I will be teaching in the near future.
This level of crochet lessons are not free.

What I Believe about Crochet Patterns

In my mind there are three levels of crochet patterns; Beginners, Practice, and Designer (or Fiber Art).

Beginners Patterns should be designed with the learning crocheter in mind. They should have lots of show and tell pictures, and smoothly move the beginner from step to step. The whole idea is, "I just learned something new, now I want to make something." I feel these patterns should be free. After all, they are PART of the lesson a person has just learned.

All Beginners Patterns, on
Mom's Crochet are FREE!

Practice Patterns are a very special breed of pattern, they are mostly used by yarn companies as advertising to sell their yarn. This is great for the yarn company as it has become targeted advertising, and great for many crocheters as they have access to a lot of free patterns.

So, what exactly is a practice pattern?

Practice Patterns are generally something that stretches the average Crocheters skills a little, or makes a Crocheter feel good with something they can accomplish. I view these patterns as 'part' of advancing a Crocheters skill (part of basic lessons), and therefore should also be free.

What Are Designer Patterns / Fiber Art?

Designer patterns (Fiber Art) are a step that both the Crocheter and many Designers have seemed to miss. In order for a designer to become successful they basically have two options:

  1. They need to be hired (a paying job) by a Magazine or Yarn Company, and create practice patterns. Those companies will use their work in the promotion of their specific company / product.
  2. Create the spectacular, and go independent building a name for theirself. This route requires work and business training.

Our Designers are a key factor in this industry. When you see a spectacular pattern, by an Independent Designer, these are the people you should buy from. They are our mentors leading us into new realms of Fiber Art.