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Irish Shamrock Decal

The Irish Shamrock is a beautiful little decal that can be sewn on to just about anything. I wanted to make one so I set out to find a picture of what a 'real' Shamrock looks like. In the process I learned that this common little plant was used by St. Patrick to demonstrate the Trinity. Some say the little plant used was called Wood Sorrel, there is a plant by the name Shamrock, and some say the plant used was a Clover. To me it doesn't really matter which plant was actually used, and I decided to go with the most common depiction.

Shamrocks and St. Patrick's day have always spoken to me of Spring. On St. Patrick's Day my world is turning green, and beautiful smells are starting to fill the air.

Intermediate (+ good eyes, and a steady hand)

Irish Shamrock Materials, Tools, & Gauge.

* Yarn: Honestly, you can make an Irish Shamrock with any size yarn you like. For my project I used #5 pearl cotton (Brand: Craftways from Herrschners). I didn't measure the amount needed, it only takes a little bit. Even if you use 4 ply yarn it doesn't use a lot. You will need two colors of green - one lighter than the other.

* Hook: Use the size hook that's appropriate for the fiber you are using. With my #5 pearl cotton I used a D-3 / 3.25 mm crochet hook.

* Other: Sewing needle (appropriate size for your fiber choice), a paper clip that you'll bend out of shape (or into the shape you need), and a scissors.

* Gauge: Is not important.

Irish Shamrock: Making the First Leaf

For those of you who follow my patterns, you may notice that the Irish Shamrock starts out with the same pattern as the Heart Decal. I didn't realize (until I started looking) that the leaves of the Shamrock are heart shaped. I made a few changes, and connections.

With your lightest color green,

Chain (ch) 5

Here's where the paper clip comes in. I opened it and bent one end into a hook. Then I use this to mark the center before I close a chain. This helps me find the center easier when crocheting into it.

Slip Stitch (sl st) connect your chain into the bottom of first chain stitch. See how the paper clip marks the center?

Chain (ch) 3

Note: when working into a circle loop, hold your yarn end down and crochet around it. That way you can just cut it at the end, as you'll be hiding it as you go.

Into and around the center (you can take the paper clip out after the first stitch) ...

2 Triple Crochet (tr)

4 Double Crochet (dc)

Chain (ch) 1

1 Triple Crochet (tr)

Chain (ch) 1

4 Double Crochet (dc)

2 Triple Crochet (tr)

Chain (ch) 2. Slip Stitch (sl st) into the center, around the nook of the heart.

Turn the leaf to the back. Cut a long tail end (so you can thread a needle later) and tie on your darker green.

Turn the leaf back so the front is facing you. Going in the same direction,

3 Single Crochet (sc) around the first chain (at the top).

1 Single Crochet (sc) in the next 6 stitches.

1 Single Crochet (sc) in the space before the Triple Crochet (tr).

3 Single Crochet (sc) in the Triple Crochet (tr) stitch (in other words in the point stitch of the leaf).

1 Single Crochet (sc) in the space after the Triple Crochet (tr).

1 Single Crochet (sc) in the next 6 stitches.

2 Single Crochet (sc) around the last chain (at the top).

Slip Stitch (sl st) into the nook.

Leave the yarn behind your work - pull it up through the hole - Chain (ch) 2.

Note: You will ALWAYS hold your yarn in the back and pull it up to the front (called Top Stitch, or Outline Stitch, or Tambour Crochet).

Catch the loop of the Triple Crochet, closest to the center. Pull a loop up and slip stitch it.

Catch a center loop of the Triple Crochet. Pull a loop up and slip stitch it.

Catch the bottom, point, stitch of the leaf. Pull up a loop and slip stitch it.

Cut a long tail end so you can thread a needle later, and bind off pulling the thread through the last loop on your hook.

Take the time to hide the two back threads now. Do NOT hide the bottom tail.

I do both threads at the same time. I carefully sew around the circle, picking up only the back of the threads of the leaf. Go all the way around. Then give them a little tug and cut them close to the work.

Shamrock Pattern: Making the Last Two Leaves and Finishing

Follow the instructions through the second round to the 3 single crochet (sc) in the point of the leaf.

Do/Count 3 Single Crochet (sc) up the side. Pick up the first leaf and Single Crochet (sc) the next stitch into both of them. This connects the leaves and keeps them from getting floppy in the end.

Then continue your work around the leaf, following the directions above, all the way through binding off.

And, one more time for the third leaf.

Note: If you want you can do a fourth leaf making a four leaf clover.

Tie the bottom ends real tight, bringing the leaves together.

Thread the bottom loose ends on a needle (one at a time) and hide them on the back.

If you work this from the front, your Irish Shamrock stem will curl to the left. Work it from the back and your stem will curl to the right.

Attach your yarn to your hook with a slip knot, insert into the center between the bottom leaves.

Chain (ch) 10, Slip Stitch (sl st) back down the chain, 9 stitches. Attach to the center (where you started) and bind off. Hide your last two threads.

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