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Large Daisy

A Large Daisy comes in all shapes and sizes. Many folks design their own crochet pattern to suit a larger idea (like a sweater), and the flower becomes a beautiful decoration. A wonderful way to celebrate Spring, adding crochet flowers to many different items.

I decided to try and take a different approach with this crochet pattern and make it to be BIG. Real Daisies have 16 - 17 petals. The center is rather small compared to the petals. And the petals are thinner at the bottom and top, than in the middle. Naturally a real daisy is much more beautiful. But I can think of a lot of ways to use mine. Sometimes we just want something that's big and showy.

In the picture below you can see one made with 4 ply yarn (the prefered for this flower), another made with #5 pearl cotton. The thread crochet turned out lacier. I also decided to include a picture of the real flower so you could see.

Materials, Supplies, & Gauge: Large Daisy

* Yarn: The yarn you pick will depend on what you want for a finished size. With 4 ply yarn my large daisy was about 6 inches from petal tip to tip, perfect for the large daisy look. With #5 pearl cotton mine was about 3.5 inches from petal tip to tip. With 4 ply, you will only need a few yards of the yellow, and about 30 yards of white. With #5 pearl cotton one little skein of yellow, and one of white will do just fine.

* Hook: Your hook will need to be what is comfortable for you and the yarn. I used a size G - 4.25mm with my 4 ply yarn, and a size E - 3.5mm with my pearl cotton.

* Other: Scissors, and a yarn needle (to hide ends). The #5 pearl cotton required blocking so for that you'll need 16 stick pins and a white washcloth.

* Gauge: Gauge is not important.

Start in the Center

Chain (ch) 3. Connect with a Slip Stitch into the bottom of the first chain.

Note: Especially with crochet thread you might want to place something in the center so it's easy to find.

Into the center of the loop, Single Crochet (sc) 8. Hold your beginning thread so you crochet around it, hiding it. Pull it tight and snip when done.

Continue around again with 2 Single Crochet stitches into each one (total 16 stitches).

Slip Stitch (sl st) one with yellow.

Turn your disk over, cut yellow (leave a long tail end) and tie on white.

This is the perfect time to hide both ends, with your yarn needle. They tend to get in the way if you don't.

End with one more slip stitch (sl st) using the white.

Making the Large Daisy Petals

Chain (ch) 11

Starting in the 2nd chain from the hook, Slip Stitch (sl st) 1 into the first two chains.

NOTE: It's very important to keep your slip stitches a little loose. You will need to work into them later.

At the end I'll show you what to do if you slip stitched too tight.

Single Crochet (sc) 1 stitch into the next 6 chains. Followed by 2 Slip Stitches (sl st) into the last 2 chains.

At the disk, slip stitch (sl st) 1 into the SAME stitch that you started in.

Turn your work so you can crochet back up the petal.

Slip Stitch (sl st) 1 into the first 2 stitches.

Single Crochet (sc) 1 into the next 6 stitches.

Slip Stitch (sl st) 1 into the next stitch --- AND PAUSE.

Catching BOTH threads on the very end (not just the big loose one) is very important.

Slip Stitch (sl st) into that last location.

Chain (ch) 1 and turn getting ready to go back down toward the disk.

Slip Stitch (sl st) 1 into the first 2 stitches.

Single Crochet (sc) 1 into the next 6 stitches.

Slip Stitch (sl st) 1 into the last 2 stitches.

At the disk, Slip Stitch (sl st) 1 into the SAME stitch that you started in.

Skip one disk stitch and slip stitch (sl st) into the next one (see picture to the left).

Now you're ready to make the next petal.

Continue around until you have a total of 8 petals.

Slip Stitch Hint

As I said above, it's very important to keep your slip stitches loose. Honestly, from time to time you'll end up with one that's too tight.

You can easily pick up the stitches with the back of your yarn needle, and wiggle them a little looser.

2nd Round of Petals

You will be doing one more round of 8 petals. The crochet work is the same as above. However, their positioning is very important for the flower to look good.

You need to fold an existing petal down, your hook needs to go around the back of the petal.

You will catch the slip stitch between each petal as your start point. In the picture to the left I marked the stitch with a blue yarn needle.

Then, as above, begin with your chain 11 and follow all the way through.


After you've finished the last 8 petals (a total of 16 petals on the flower) you will see 3 threads at the end, on the back. Slip Stitch once into those three threads. Cut (leave a long tail end) and bind off pulling the yarn through the last loop on your hook.

Thread your yarn needle and work it into the back of the disk.

Blocking Your Daisy

The 4 ply size of the large daisy does not need blocking. However, if you work with crochet thread you WILL need to block the finished daisy.

No matter how good you are with hook and thread, your petals will end up curly. I actually think this is kind of pretty. However, you may want your flower to lay flat.

Wet it with warm water and gently squeeze most of the water out - DO NOT WRING IT.

I used stick pins to straighten out each petal, and set it aside to dry. No need to add anything to stiffen it, but if you want to, a little spray starch is all you really need. USA, LLC

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