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Mens Belt Pouch

The Mens Belt Pouch is an item all men (and gals too) will love. The pouch you see pictured is a standard mens wallet size, and this free crochet pattern will help you customize to whatever dimensions are needed.

Ladies; has a guy ever handed you something to put in your purse? Now they have their own little bag for keys, cell phone, a leatherman tool, or whatever they want to carry.

Crochet Materials & Tools

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Yarn: It's very important to use crochet cotton, 4 ply. Cotton is a sturdy fiber and the Mens Belt Pouch needs to be made sturdy. The Standard Wallet size takes about 120 yards. I used Herrschner's Village Yarn, Craft Cotton - Desert Sky (You would need to buy 2 balls).

Hook: Size D / 3.25mm. I used a Clover crochet hook. Cover is quickly becoming my crochet hook of choice. I love how easy they are to hold.

Other Supplies: Scissors, yarn needle, 2 stitch markers.

Crochet Gauge and Sizing for the Mens Belt Pouch

Gauge: 20 - 21 stitches = 4 inches, 21 rows = 4 inches.

This pattern describes how to make a Mens Belt Pouch that is a standard men's wallet size. If there is a specific size you want to make (like for a leatherman tool, or a smartphone) here's how to measure:

First: Check your gauge and write those numbers down. Divide your 4 inch numbers by 4 to get what your 1 inch gauge would be. DO NOT just crochet an inch as your gauge will be off and so will your Mens Belt Pouch.

Width: Measure around the item you are crocheting for. Don't pull the tape measure tight, you will need a tiny bit of space to easily add or remove the item to the pouch. Divide your number by 2 and write it down. To get your beginning chain multiply your stitches per inch, by the width number you wrote down - then add 1 stitch.

Length: Measure completely around the length of your item (not just one side). Write that number down. Multiply your rows per inch by the number you just wrote down (note: The first part of the pattern makes both sides of the pouch).

Adjustments: You will need to make adjustments to the pattern as you go. I will explain in the actual pattern below.

Pattern for Mens Belt Pouch, Base Pouch

Adjustments are listed in parentheses, and red.

Chain (ch) 23 (if you calculated a different number, chain that number)

Row 1: 1 Single Crochet (sc) in the 2nd chain from the hook, and 1 Single Crochet (sc) in each chain to the end. Total 22 stitches (or your calculated number).

Rows 2 - 50 (or your calculated rows): Chain (ch) 1 & turn. 1 Single Crochet (sc) in each single crochet (sc) to the end of the row. Total 22 stitches (or your calculated number).

Row 51: Chain (ch) 1 & turn. Skip the first stitch, 1 single crochet (sc) in the next 19 stitches, skip the next stitch, 1 single crochet (sc) in the last stitch. In other words, decrease 1 stitch at the beginning and end of the row. (Remember your row counts will not match if you are customizing size.)

Rows 52 & 53: Chain (ch) 1 & turn. 1 Single Crochet (sc) in each single crochet (sc) to the end of the row. Total 20 stitches.

Row 54: (If your original chain was 10 or less - skip this decrease. No matter how many more, than the original pattern calls for, you will only do these 2 decreases.) Chain (ch) 1 & turn. Skip the first stitch, 1 single crochet (sc) in the next 17 stitches, skip the next stitch, 1 single crochet (sc) in the last stitch. In other words, decrease 1 stitch at the beginning and end of the row.

The part you are now crocheting is the part that a belt will slide through. For this standard Mens Belt Pouch, and any pouch with a longer length, you will single crochet (sc) 17 more rows. DO NOT CUT YOUR YARN AT THE END.

(For a shorter pouch calculate how many rows you did BEFORE the first decrease, divide that number by 2, then subtract 2 more. This gives you the total rows you should do. HOWEVER, be sure that this is wide enough for a belt to slide through.)

Outside Edging

The outside edging serves 2 purposes; 1) it gives a nice finished edge, 2) it makes it easier to sew together with clear stitches to sew into.

After the last stitch, on the last row, single crochet (sc) one more stitch in the same place.

Then single crochet (sc) down the side, continuing in the same basic direction. Be careful to catch each row as you go.

At the end of the first side you'll come to your original chain row. In that corner (see the picture) single crochet (sc) 3 stitches.

Working across the chain row, single crochet (sc) over the chain and between the original stitches. You are actually working upside down, lol. This creates a firm row.

In the following corner single crochet (sc) 3 stitches. Then single crochet (sc) up the next side. In the last corner single crochet (sc) 2 stitches. Then single crochet (sc) across the final row. Slip Stitch (sl st) into the last stitch.

VERY IMPORTANT: Before you cut your yarn - measure the yarn to equal 4 - 5 times the width of that last row. THEN cut it. You are measuring out sewing thread so you don't have to attach new thread to your work.

Crocheting The Flap On

This step adds the flap to the Mens Belt Pouch, going in the correct direction, without sewing.

Start by finding your last row, right before you began decreasing. Make sure your 'side' edging stitches are on the right side, facing you.

Attach your yarn going around the first stitch (down through and back up), front post single crochet (fpsc). Catch each stitch across in the same manner (front post single crochet). DO NOT crochet into the side edging. If you are working the standard pattern this will be 20 stitches. (If you have created your own you will do 2 stitches less than your first row stitches.)

Fold your loose end over your work and crochet around it. This hides the end.

The formula for the flap:

Start with your first row calculation - for the Standard Pattern it is 54 rows. Divide this by 2 (54 divided by 2 = 27). Divide again by 3 (27 divided by 3 = 9).

First group of single crochet (sc) rows = 9

Follow this with a decrease row, decrease 1 stitch on each side. And continue single crocheting (sc) for 8 rows including the decrease row. (9 - 1 = 8).

The next rows will decrease 1 on each side. Continue this until you EITHER have 4 stitches left, OR for a total of 7 rows (9 - 2 = 7) --- whichever comes first. If you are making a very thin pouch, you can go down to 2 stitches left.

Bind off cutting your thread (leave about 3 inches of length) and pulling it through the last stitch. You'll hide that thread when you edge the flap.

Lashing the Belt Strap

For this step I prefer to call this "lashing" rather than sewing. You are not trying to hide your sewing, you're using it as an accent for the Mens Belt Pouch, and making sure it is tight and strong.

Thread your needle with the long end you left. Lay your pouch, open, with the right side of the edging stitches facing you. Make sure the front flap is laying flat, this will put the belt flap lying over the piece. Match the end of the belt flap with a row on the below piece - nice and flat. See the picture below.

Sew / Lash around the stitch on the base, and up through the stitch on the belt flap. Always lash in the same direction, stitch by stitch. The stitches come out very even and strong.

On the last stitch also run the needle through the loop and pull tight. This gives a slight knot to hold the stitching.

Bring your thread to the other side (this will be the inside of the Mens Belt Pouch). And run it through the top of several stitches to secure (and hide) it. Then pull it tight and snip the end.

Flap Strap

The flap strap holds the front flap, of the Mens Belt Pouch, down. This is much more efficient than a button as it holds the whole flap instead of putting stress on one location.

Chain (ch) 5, 1 single crochet (sc) in the 2nd chain from the hook, and 1 single crochet (sc) in each chain across. Total 4 stitches. For a total of 23 rows: Chain (ch) 1 & turn, 1 single crochet (sc) in each single crochet (sc) across. Total 4 stitches.

If you've made any adjustments in size, use your Mens Belt Pouch as a guide for length. The length of strap should match the pouch, inside the edging. You will put an edging on this, so leave room for it.

The edging is the same as it was over the body, all except 1 change.

Single Crochet (sc) 1 more stitch in the last stitch. Going down the long side single crochet (sc) 1 stitch in each row. Corner: single crochet (sc) 3 in the same stitch. Short edge: single crochet (sc) 1 in each stitch. Next Corner: single crochet (sc) 3 in the same stitch. Long Edge: 1 single crochet (sc) in each row. Last Corner: single crochet (sc) 2 in the same stitch.

Difference: Over the last edge, slip stitch (sl st) into each stitch across. This insures that the strap will fit tight. Bind off.

Flap Strap Placement

Fold the front flap down, find the location of the first decrease. Place the flap strap just under that location.

Remove your marker and place it through the corner of the flap strap, and through the matching body stitch. Carefully slide the front flap out and away.

Lashing (Sewing) the Sides

Thread your yarn needle. Measure thread 4 x the length of one side, then double it.

As you are sewing be VERY careful not to sew the belt opening shut. You are working through the two sides, and will pick up the flap strap as you go.

Always work from the bottom up.

When you're done lashing one side of the Mens Belt Pouch, repeat the process on the other side.

Knot your end, place your needle in the beginning two stitches, before you finish run your needle between the two threads close to the knot.

Fold the loose ends over sewing area so you hide them as you lash the sides together.

When you get to the flap strap you'll lash through 3 layers. Be sure to fold all loose ends over your sewing area to hide them.

At the end, before you cut your yarn, knot it and sew through stitches (see Lashing the Belt Strap above) to hide the ends. Then cut.

Edging the Front Flap

You will pick up the body edging stitch closest to the front flap. Slip knot your yarn to your hook and insert it into the stitch. Make sure you are working with the right side facing you.

Wrap the loose end over the area you are crocheting so you hide it as you go. Single Crochet (sc) around the front flap, 1 stitch per row (or stitch at the end).

At the end bind off. Leave enough yarn to thread a needle with. This should be the only loose end you need hide. USA, LLC

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