Moms Crochet Club

The focus of Moms Crochet Club is simply to go beyond the basics of crochet into the beauty of Fiber Art. Doing this as a Community (a club) gives us the chance to learn from each other as we advance our skills.

Aside of explaining what the club is about, this page is also the gateway to the password protected pages for club members. 

Moms Crochet Club Calendar

Cluster Flowers Designer Rug

Tentative Start Date
Coming Soon

I've placed this Crochet-Along on hold for now. There wasn't enough interest to get this going.

I'm making mine to go in my bathroom. Start with a Red Heart Super Saver multi-color (mine is Mirage). Use the free PDF from Red Heart (link below) to pick 3 coordinating colors. DON'T BUY YOUR YARN YET. I'll be posting the exact materials list very soon.

Red Heart Super Saver
Multi-Color Coordinate Color List

Open 'Chat'

I think I got a little over excited about having a 'club space' on the internet. I'm assuming we are just too small for Open Chat at this time. We will try again in November or December.

I've deleted the poll questions from Patreon.

You could join us, in the events coming up, by joining the Club. Becoming a "Patron" is joining the club. Click the button on the right. We need some good numbers to get the fun things going. USA, LLC

Where To Find Me On The Web

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What to Expect in Moms Crochet Club

1. MOST IMPORTANT you can expect this page to update often as new features, lessons, and other fun things are added.

2. My deepest hope is to turn the Club into a community where we can help each other and become friends. This is one of the most important parts of belonging to a club as often these friendships last a life time.

3. Many Advanced Lessons will be taught via Crochet-Alongs. In many cases (not all) the crochet-alongs will be set up so all Tiers can participate to a certain level. An example would be:

  • Tier 1 (at $1.00 per month) could play at the beginning with the 'base' pattern.
  • Tier 2 (at $2.50 per month) would learn some tricks not shared in the 'base' pattern, making crochet life easier.
  • Tier 3 (at $5.00 per month) would learn some specific techniques (not shared in the 'base' pattern) that would take the item to a more professional level.
  • Tier 4 (at $10.00 per month) would learn how to turn the item into Fiber Art making it worth hundreds of dollars.

Inside these Crochet-Alongs there will be the ability to 'chat'. This way I can answer questions, and you can share pictures as you work.

4. Tier 4 will also enjoy specific classes (Coming Soon, they take a lot of work to set up). These will include things like materials not often thought about and how to use them, business classes and how to set something up that REALLY works, crochet techniques that only the professionals use, Fiber Art.

YOU pick what level to join at.

Tier 1 - $1.00 per month: Checking Things Out (watch and see)
Tier 2 - $2.50 per month: Behind The Glitter (behind the scenes)
Tier 3 - $5.00 per month: I Want Tangible (extra free stuff)
Tier 4 - $10.00 per month: Learn True Fiber Art

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