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Moms Crochet Flower became the logo back around July 2011. I had been visiting a friend in Florida and woke up one morning to a beautiful little flower growing over most of the yard. The flower had beautiful silver leaves that circled the base (I'm sure it was the bud that opened up) and 2 layers of flower petals, white behind yellow. What struck me the most was the center of the flower that almost looked like a wheel. I did my best to mimic / crochet the flower, and although not as beautiful as Mother Nature's work, I think I got pretty close.

Over the following years my logo flower changed colors many times. All of those changes were pretty, but I finally decided to go back to the original colors. The older page that described how to crochet the flower shows a 'changed' color. I decided to redo the page with the colors that were close to the original flower. In addition to the color change (back to what it was) I've also discovered some ways to make the flower a little better, and how to hide 'most' of the ends as you work, making it much easier to crochet.

In the picture above you see 2 flowers, the top is made with #5 pearl cotton crochet thread. Even though this makes a flower only about the size of a US quarter, the flower is still about 2 times larger than the real ones I saw.

The large Moms Crochet Flower is made with 4 ply cotton so I can easily show you the stitches.

Crochet Materials & Tools for Moms Crochet Flower

Yarn & Hook: You really can use any kind or thickness of yarn you like. Single colored flowers look great, only using 2 colors looks great, or pick 3 colors as I originally did. One flower only uses a few yards of yarn which makes this a great 'stash buster' (using leftover yarn).

Your hook should make good tight stitches, but not be impossible to work with.
With #5 pearl cotton crochet thread I used a size B 2.25mm crochet hook.
With the 4 ply cotton I used a size F 3.75mm crochet hook.

Gauge: Gauge is not important for Moms Crochet Flower.

Pattern For Moms Crochet Flower

Category: Intermediate

Chain (ch) 6. Slip stitch (sl st) connect to the first stitch forming a loop.

Chain (ch) 8 more. Slip stitch (sl st) this around the first loop forming another loop.

IMPORTANT: While you are making the loops hold your original beginning thread against your work so you crochet around it. This hides the first thread.

Chain (ch) 8, slip stitch (sl st) around the center loop for a total of 8 loops.

Turn your flower over and trim the beginning thread. Be CAREFUL not to cut the thread you're working with.

ONLY if you are changing color, cut the working thread about 3 - 4 inches long, and tie on your second color.

IF you are not changing color, simply continue to the next step.

Turn your work so the front is facing you again, and chain (ch) 6.

Insert your hook into the original center, wrap the two loose ends over the hook (only applies if you changed color) ...

bring your hook back up through the loop. Catch your thread and bring it down and through to make a slip stitch (sl st) into the chain on your hook). Note: You may need to adjust your thread so it falls exactly in the center.

Repeat this process all the way around until you've done this inside each original loop (total 8 times).

If you've crocheted around the 2 threads you can now turn your work and snip them, they are hidden inside the work. USA, LLC

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If you are not changing color simply turn the flower back around to keep going.

If you are changing color turn so the front is facing you. Snip your working yarn about 3 - 4 inches long and tie on your last color.

Chain (ch) 4,

You should see the green (first round of petals) between the white (second round of petals). This is clear for each except the first one where you attached the white. The picture shows the first stitch you'll need to pick up.

Slide your hook under the threads, catch the yellow and bring it back through, slip stitch (sl st) connect.

As you go around the flower you will chain (ch) 4, slide your hook into the center 2 green stitches, catch your yarn and bring it through, and slip stitch (sl st) connect. Catch each around for a total of 8.

At the end you will pick up the thread, just below your first chain (ch) 4, and slip stitch (sl st) connect.

Cut your final thread about 3 - 4 inches long and bind off bring the thread through the last loop on your hook.

Your flower should now look like the picture to the right.

If your needle eye is large enough you could thread all three ends.

To bring the loose threads to the back insert your needle under a yellow petal and bring it out, on the back, inside a green stitch (which is between 2 white ones)

Weave your threads under the white threads all the way around and snip your loose ends.

All text and photos, of this Moms Crochet Flower, are original. Notice of Copyright © by Sandy Marie & Mom's Crochet, March 2011. All rights reserved.

No part of this document may be copied or reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise without prior written permission from the author. The sharing of a direct link to this document, that may include one of the pictures from this website is permitted - with the exception of sites that are built for the sole purpose of making money off of advertising, and off of the hard work of designers.
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