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Picture Crochet
Learn Tapestry, Fairisle, and Intarsia

Picture Crochet opens up a whole new world of beautiful designs, and pictures on the inside of your work. The difference between the three types is simply what you do with your yarn.

Tapestry Crochet carries the yarn inside your stitches making it the easiest and fastest method. It also makes a nice two sided project. However, your carried yarn does show through. This method is perfect for Checkerboard, Native American, and Plaid patterns (often calling for the yarn TO show through).

Fairisle Crochet carries the yarn on the back of your design. It is also a fast method, but it makes a one sided project. However, your color work is much more true than Tapestry Crochet. This is good for repeating designs that don’t have long sections (like repeating hearts around the brim of a hat).

Intarsia Crochet cuts the yarn at the end of a color. This leaves a lot of loose ends to hide, but makes a beautiful, two sided project. If your goal is to crochet an actual picture on the inside of an afghan, this is the best method as you’ll have ‘true’ color and a two sided finish.

I’ve called this lesson series “Picture Crochet” (which simply refers to the end result - a picture inside your work), as I’ll be teaching all three types; Tapestry, Fairisle, and Intarsia. This will be a very long series with several free lessons, free patterns, and advanced designs.

I’m going to start at the beginning and I’ll share tips and tricks along the way. As I get lessons finished I’ll publish them here. This ‘index’ page will be your guide to finding the lessons and patterns. If you are interested in these techniques, please bookmark this page.

Picture Crochet Will Start with Tapestry, the easiest method of the 3.

Tapestry Crochet Color Change

Tapestry Crochet Color Change goes a little further than just showing you how to change colors. I also share tips to keep your yarn from tangling, I talk about the importance of yarn tension, and I share some information that many other places don’t. Like what (you may ask)? Like the importance of keeping the same order of your colors when working (and why).

Fairisle Color Change

(Coming Soon)

Intarsia Color Change

(Coming Soon)

Reading Graph Patterns

This lesson is so simple that you’ll wonder why graph patterns ever made you nervous, lol. Reading and working with a graph pattern, no matter if it’s for Tapestry, Fairisle, Intarsia, or even Filet Crochet, opens up a world of beautiful patterns. Want to get an idea of what’s possible? Just do a search for Cross Stitch Patterns (but don’t forget to come back here).

Checkerboard Dishcloth / Trivet
Free Practice Pattern

This pattern includes both a little written instruction, and the simple graph pattern. It’s a super easy little pattern that will allow you to practice color changes, work with your yarn tension, and using the graph pattern to crochet your project. Practicing what you’ve just learned (see above) is just as important as reading the lessons.

Go Beyond Checkerboards
Available in Mom’s Crochet Shop

This ebook includes a design for Brickwork, Gingham, Houndstooth, and Jigsaw. Often people don't realize that these historic designs did originate from the checkerboard.

Learn More

Learn How to Make Your Edges Look More Round

There really isn't a major 'trick' to making your edges look more round. It has everything to do with the materials and hooks you use. Not only do I talk about the materials and hooks, I also share a brief list of where you can find them. If you're wanting to create beautiful picture tapestries, this free lesson will be very helpful.

Tapestry Hearts Squared
Free Practice Pattern

Use your new skill to create a unique and beautiful afghan square. The Tapestry Hearts Squared pattern gives you a perfect chance to practice making rounded edges, and it gives you more practice reading graph patterns.

Just Remember, Come Back Often
I’ll be adding A LOT to these lessons over time.

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