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Puff Stitch

The Puff Stitch is another one of those stitches that seems to be in almost every stitch pattern book available. They arrange the puff in a pattern (diagonal, straight, honeycomb, or a picture), use more or fewer wraps, and call it their own. Or, they will use a different 'base' stitch instead of single crochet to get a different look. I'm just going to teach you the puff, and that's why you only see one puff in the picture.

Alternate Names: Cluster Stitch, Popcorn Stitch

Multiples of 2 + 1 chain stitch

The Puff Stitch only requires one stitch (with a lot of work into that one stitch), and one stitch after (to make it puff nicely). In addition I suggest you have, at least, one standard stitch at the beginning and end of a row instead of starting or finishing the puff on an end or beginning.

Also remember that you should have one regular (without puffs) row between. The stitch is obviously one sided, which will give you a 'right side' and a 'wrong side' to your fabric.

How To Make a Puff

* Yarn Over (YO) and insert your hook into the designated stitch.

Yarn Over (YO) again and pull a loop up.

Yarn Over (YO) and draw through 2 of the loops on your hook. This will give you 2 loops still on your hook. *

Continue the above pattern (between the stars *) until you have 6 loops on your hook.

Remember you are always working into the same stitch.

Note: This is one of the things people like to change, the number of loops on a hook. I've seen as few as two, and as many ten (I'm sure someone has tried more than 10). I urge you to play with this number and see what fun things you can create. Now back to finishing the puff stitch.

Yarn Over (YO) and that stitch through all 6 loops on your hook.

Push all of that the right and continue with normal stitches. The next stitch should make your cluster, puff.

This is what your puff looks like when done.

Arranging Your Puff Stitch

A very close grouping can be made by simply creating one puff after another, on each alternating row, right above each other.

Alternate the puff location by beginning the first row with a single crochet 1, (single crochet across the next row), and then starting the third row with a single crochet 2.

You can use this stitch to create a design by graphing out a picture, and change the stitches inside the graph picture to a puff.

Or use the puffs as just a simple accent (see picture below). The center blue stitch is done as a puff. USA, LLC

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