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Signature Flower
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The Signature Flower (our crochet logo) was created in 2010 while enjoying a trip to Florida.

I was investigating the beautiful flowers, in the yard of the home I was staying in, and saw a beautiful bloom that was just so striking I wanted to capture it. Unfortunately the pictures I took didn't come out well (I had to buy a new camera while I was there). However, I sat down in the yard and did my best to crochet a replica.

The Signature Flower can be crocheted in one color, however I find it easier to see the stitches if I use two colors. The flower I saw in Florida was pale green on the bottom and an almost white / pink as it opened up, darker closer to the leaves. If I crocheted the last round in white it would be closer to the original flower.

Materials, Tools & Gauge for Mom's Crochet Signature Flower (our logo):

* Yarn: Any standard 4 ply yarn works well. If you are going to use a 3 ply (baby yarn or sock yarn) your flower will be smaller. I used Red Heart Super Saver; Frosty Green and Orchid. You'll only need a few yards, at most.

* Crochet Hook: If you are using 4 ply yarn, use a size G 6 / 4.00 mm hook. If you are using 3 ply yarn, use a size F 5 / 3.75 mm crochet hook. Adjust your crochet hook depending on what fiber you are using. The idea is to create nice tight stitches.

* Additional Tools: Scissors and a yarn needle (darning needle).

* Gauge is not important for this pattern.

How To Make Our Signature Flower

Starting with green - chain (ch) 6 and connect it together, forming a loop, with a slip stitch (sl st).

Chain (ch) 8, ...

... using a slip stitch (sl st), connect the chain (ch) into (and through the center of) the first loop.

Repeat this around the center loop, a total of 8 times (making 8 loops).

Cut the green and tie on pink. Make sure the tail ends are in the back - you will work in the front.

Chain (ch) 6

Slip Stitch (sl st) connect these loops 'between' / 'inside' (and around the center circle) of each previous loop.

Do a total of 8 of these loops.

Chain (ch) 4. Pick up the 2 green stitches between each pink and slip stitch (sl st) connect these loops.

Again, do a total of 8 all the way around.

Hiding the Loose Ends in the Back

Cut the pink and bind it off by pulling the tail through the last stitch on your crochet hook.

Pull all loose tails to the back and tie any that may need to be secured a little better.

If you can only thread one strand at a time that's perfectly okay. My needle is big enough to do all four.

Using your needle (or a crochet hook if that's all you have) pull the ends through the center stitches on the back. When done, trim your ends. USA, LLC

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