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Make Simple Crochet Buttons

Simple Crochet Buttons have been in my family forever. I have no idea who originally developed the pattern. And, although I'm sure someone out there must have, I can't find a pattern for them. So, I decided to write it, and share it as one of the free crochet lessons.

This pattern includes how to sew them on.

My Grandmother didn't crochet, but she was an awesome seamstress. The only thing she DID crochet were these buttons. As a matter of fact I didn't realize this was crochet until one day I realized I was using a crochet hook to make them, lol.

How many times have you looked for a button for a wonderful project, but couldn't find exactly what you wanted? For me it's too many times. Especially for the spectacular projects, I don't want a plain button to end it. This pattern, for Simple Crochet Buttons is just the answer!

What's really fun is going through your closet and finding old things that can be dressed up with simple crochet buttons. And by-the-way, this is a great way to use up small amounts of yarn.

Materials, Tools, & Gauge

* Yarn: Really, any normal fiber will work from 3 ply to 4 ply. About the only yarn that doesn't work are the 'designer' yarns. Less than 3 ply and the buttons will be very small and almost unuseable. However you can go up in thickness (like using rug yarn), so long as the yarn is even. Depending on the size button you want, start with either 2 strands or 1.

If working at the end of a project, and you want to use 2 strands, you could use one strand from the outside and one from the inside of the skein.

HINT: Make a button before you make your button holes. This way you know how wide they are going to be.

* Hook: 2 strands of 4 ply = J/10 - 6.00 mm hook. 2 strands of 3 ply = I/9 - 5.5 mm hook. 1 strand 4 ply = H/8 - 5.00 mm hook. 1 strand 3 ply = G/6 - 4.25 mm hook.

* Other Supplies: Yarn Needle, Scissors.

* Gauge is not important for this pattern. What is important is using a hook that will make tight stitches (even if it isn't one listed above).

Making Simple Crochet Buttons

As you can see you are basically making little disks, however there are two tricks that make these actually work as usable buttons.

Trick # 1 (also mentioned in gauge) is using the smallest hook you can (and still be able to easily crochet) for the size of the yarn you're using. Your stitches around need to be even and tight.

Slip Knot your yarn on to your hook. Make sure the yarn is not too tight.

Chain (ch): 3

You will be working into the bottom of the first stitch. If you pick up the wrong side your slip knot will separate leaving a hole in the center.

Single Crochet (sc) 8 stitches into the same stitch. As you are crocheting hold your loose end of yarn over the top (so you crochet around it). This allows you to just clip it when done.

To close the circle Slip Stitch (sl st) into the first Single Crochet (sc) stitch you made. Clip your starting loose end. Crocheting the loose end in also gives the button a little bulk.

Trick #2 is to make your simple crochet button round and stiff. Nothing is more depressing than skipping this step and having your button fold over because it's too limp. That tragedy happened to me, with a blouse, when I was in high school - talk about embarrassing.

When Using Double Yarn: On the BACK side, using a yarn needle, weave one side of the end yarn through one direction, the second side through the other direction. Pick up only the stitches on the back.

One thread will be going in the same direction as your slip stitch. Pull this thread really tight to round out the button. The second thread simply, carefully sew in. IMPORTANT: Cross your threads at the end so there is one or two stitches that will have both threads going through.

When Using Single Yarn: On the BACK side, using a yarn needle, weave the loose end all the way around through the back of each stitch. IMPORTANT: Go in the same direction as your Slip Stitch so you can pull it tight, rounding off your button.

Why go through all that with your buttons? This actually makes the button more solid so it functions as a 'real' button.

Sewing Your Simple Crochet Buttons On

The one question I've heard the most is, "How do I sew this button on?" People are used to seeing 'holes' in a button that guide them.

Keeping your sewing needle as close to the center of the button as possible, sew through the garment and pick up one thread group on the back of the button, bringing your needle back down through the garment.

Repeat this several times until you've picked up all the thread groups on the back, going completely around. If the button will get a lot of use, sew around a second time picking up each thread again.

Your 'sewing' doesn't show on the front.

Dress up your Simple Buttons by adding one more round of Chain 3 - Single Crochet. It actually makes the button look like a little flower.

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