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The Slip Stitch Has Many Uses

The underrated slip stitch is used for sewing, connecting pieces together, as a finishing edge, and for repositioning your crochet hook to a new starting location on your work. I also use it to make a good tie string out of a chain (see the end of the page for instructions on how). And it's used in stitch patterns as well (see the Wave Stitch) When you learn how to crochet, this stitch should be learned along with the single crochet stitch as its basically a half single crochet.

The top row is SlipStitch, the others are single crochet. Can you see the difference in the rows?

How To Slip Stitch

In single crochet; Instead of drawing up another loop to bring through the two loops on your hook, you bring that second loop through the first (the one that's on the hook).

Start just like you would for a single crochet stitch - insert the crochet hook where you want the stitch to be.

Catch the yarn on the other side and draw through a loop.

Bring that same loop through the loop that's already on your crochet hook.

Below you can see slip stitches half way across the piece.

This is the front of the piece. As you can see the stitches sort of lay along the top of the piece.

This is the back.

This 'look' is the main reason this stitch is often used as a finishing edge. Without actually increasing the size (with another row) of your item, it does even the look. I would use this stitch around the edge of a purse flap, and on outside edges of clothing like neck edges.

How To Make a Strong Tie String / Cord.

Make a chain as long as you want your tie string / cord to be. SlipStitch into the bottom loop of the chain all the way back over your chain.

I leave long tail ends (about 4 - 5 inches), and use a yarn needle to hide my ends. I can tread the needle and just push it up through the stitches at the end. Note that your threads will only be on one side.

This is great for making a tie cord for a hoodie, a pair of shorts or pants, a drawstring bag, or anything that requires a matching cord. When I was younger I even made the strings for my tennis shoes (often with WILD colors). You can also attach little pom-poms, or tassels. USA, LLC

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