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Having Crochet Stitch Patterns to work with can turn a nice project into a GREAT one. You can make a simple item (like a scarf, table runner, pillow, baby blanket, or even pull over simple top) and turn it into an heirloom just because you took the time to go beyond the basics. What is a Pattern Stitch? It's a grouping of stitches that are done, over and over, to create a design.

You will also find Design Ideas, and Granny Squares on this page. All of these items help to expand your craft and create beautiful items.

Newest Stitch Patterns and Designs

Sun Symbol
Native American Inspired

Enjoy a taste of New Mexico and Southwestern style with this Native American Inspired Sun Symbol. Made with 3 strands of #5 Pearl Cotton Thread it's easy to crochet up. Full instruction, lots of pictures, and a free PDF download are all included on the webpage.

There are literally hundreds of crochet stitches patterns that you can learn. Some you'll fall in love with and you won't even need to follow the guide to do. Some will stretch your knowledge and deepen your skill. Either way you'll find that pattern stitches enrich your craft.

You can change any of the free patterns on this website with a pattern stitch from the list below. For example, make a basic dish cloth using Triple Crochet Loops and you've just created a scrubbing cloth that works wonders in your kitchen.

I will try to give credit to the original designer of the stitch patterns whenever I can find it. Please help me with this mission. If you see a page that doesn't have a designer added, or you know an original designer that I missed, please contact me so I can update the page. 

Crochet Stitch Patterns

Breezy Blocks

The Breezy Blocks pattern stitch creates an open and airy mesh appearance that crochets up fast. It would be great for a quick mesh beach bag, or shell top.

Patterns Using Breezy Blocks:
Breezy Clutch Wallet
Breezy Coin Purse
Breezy Poncho Vest

Brick Wall

Brick Wall gives the appearance of small bricks on a wall. This is a dense pattern stitch that would be great warm outer wear, or a warm winter throw.

Chevron Waves Stitch Pattern

Looking for something fast and easy to make that huge afghan with? Chevron Waves might just be the stitch pattern for you. Complete pattern and free PDF on the page.

Cluster Flower Stitch Pattern

The Cluster Flowers stitch pattern makes a beautiful strip of crochet fabric that can be used in many ways. Using 4 ply yarn the strip is about 2.5 inches wide. Using #5 Pearl Cotton the strip is about 1.5 inches wide.

Connected Squares

Connected Squares teaches you to crochet 4 small squares, all connected (no sewing) to create a larger square. Each of the small squares helps to pull the larger one into a better square, making this a perfect stitch pattern to make things like pillows, dishcloths, and potholders. It's also a very warm stitch and makes wonderful baby blankets and afghans.

Crochet Checkerboard

The Crochet Checkerboard is a fantastically fun pattern stitch, all by itself. However, learning this is also part of Intarsia Crochet as it shows you a special way to change color.

Patterns Using Crochet Checkerboard:
Checkerboard Placemat


I'm aware that this stitch pattern actually has several names. As it was taught to me, it was called Hugs.

This is a great pattern stitch when working with crochet thread all the way up to 4 ply. Using crochet thread it creates a very lacy look. Using 4 ply yarn you have a perfect stitch for Spring, Summer, and Fall shawls or shells.

Native Basket Weave

This stitch is designed to mimic the weaving of Native American Baskets. To achieve the appearance you would crochet around several strands of yarn or jute. The top most picture shows the appearance without carrying additional yarn.

With the use of basic Intarsia skills baskets could be created with design work.

Puff or Cluster Stitch

The 'magic' happens in how you arrange your puffs and how many times you Yarn Over (YO). You will see this called by other names such as honey comb, puff edging, puff in box, diagonal clusters, granule stitch, etc. It all begins with a basic understanding of how to puff. This page focuses on teaching that 'how-to'. From there you can enjoy many arrangements.

Chevron Stitch

This was actually the first stitch pattern that I learned. I spent many years crocheting things with this pattern stitch (from about 10 years old to about 15 years old). Then I learned there were other pattern stitches out there. To this day I can still crochet this without reading directions.

Triple Crochet Loops

Triple Crochet Loops is a fantastic texture stitch. Want a powerhouse dishcloth? Use Triple Crochet Loops. Want extreme texture on a sweater? Yep, Triple Crochet Loops is the perfect pattern stitch.

Wave Stitch

There are 3 ways to create the Wave Stitch. Slip Stitch and Single Crochet (very tight and dense), Single Crochet and Double Crochet (great for clothing), and Half Double Crochet and Triple Crochet (scarves, hats, and everything else).

Patterns That Use The Wave Stitch:
Wave Stitch Dicky

Design Ideas, and Grannies

Aster Granny Square

Build some beauty by putting your Aster Flower Decal inside a Granny Square.

Classic Granny Square

The Classic Granny Square has a very interesting little history, and all the variations are authentic. They come from a time when written patterns were few (if any), and lessons were passed down through generations. Here's the way I learned to create the this classic.

Daisy Granny Square

Fill a room with beautiful Daisies by making an Afghan using the Daisy Granny Square. Granny Squares are building blocks for Crocheters and can make cardigans, shells, ponchos, vests and so much more.

Heart Granny Square, Backed

I love the look of Granny Squares and like to make winter items as well as warm weather items. So I started creating a backing for my Granny Squares a long time ago. When you back a Granny it becomes extra warm and is perfect for sub-zero clothing items, or for extremely warm blankets.

Mom's Crochet
Signature Flower Granny

Learn how to put our little logo flower into a pretty granny square. Now you can start building some beautiful things.

Learn To Make a Reversible Granny Square

The Reversible Granny Square solves 2 problems. First, the center doesn't twist (or lean), always nice and straight. Second, it's reversible looking good on both sides. You'll find a free PDF download of the crochet lesson right on the page.

Simple Square (Single Crochet)

Have you ever wondered how to single crochet a square that the inside didn't twist? This pattern teaches you how. Includes a free PDF.

Sweater Ribbing

Sweater Ribbing is no longer 'just' a knitter's thing. You can crochet sweater ribbing. This pages teaches you how to start a project with ribbing, or end a project.

Top Stitch
(also learn to make this pocket)

The Top Stitch is basically a stitch used to create designs and outline. It is one of the 'must know' stitches for those who create crochet quilts.

On the pages that teaches the Top Stitch you will also learn to make this fun pocket. USA, LLC

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