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Tapestry Hearts Squared

Tapestry Hearts Squared is a beautiful pattern for an Afghan Square. It could be the focal point for a baby blanket, throw, or even a full size afghan. Connect several of them and make a scarf or cowl. I’ve always said that squares are building blocks that Crocheters love. Just let your creative imagination run wild.

This pattern not only allows you to practice creating rounded looking edges, it also uses the stitch pattern, Connected Squares ( The squares connect as you crochet. You can even connect the last square to the first. However, this pattern uses the mattress stitch ( to connect the first to the last (it looks better for afghan work making it truly 2 sided).

Although very easy, this will be your first true practice of using a graph pattern for Tapestry Hearts Squared. I will share notes about the pattern, however the graph is the ‘actual pattern’.

You Must Know

Single Crochet

Tapestry Color Change:

Reading Graph Patterns:


CH = Chain

SL ST = Slip Stitch

SC = Single Crochet

Crochet Materials, Tools & Gauge for Tapestry Hearts Squared

I’m not going to assume that you read the materials information in the lesson. The same applies here.

Yarn: What you need to look for is a fine weight yarn, not thread, for Tapestry Crochet Rounded Edges. This is often called 2 ply, super fine, fine, lace, light fingering, or fingering. Following is a brief list of where to locate the right kind of yarn.

Herrschners ( calls theirs Afghan Yarn, 2 ply. I like this one, there’s great color selection and it is rather inexpensive. The disadvantage is it will most likely need to be shipped. This is the exact yarn I used to create my Tapestry Hearts Squared.

Red Heart ( has a yarn called Luster Sheen (only 6 shades). You will rarely find this in a yarn shop.

Yarnspirations ( has several ‘brands’ listed but they are pretty much tagged as sock yarn, mostly variegated, and do not have a good solid color selection.

Garn Studio ( has several. You’ll need to look in Category A - and look at Lace, or Fingering (4 ply down). This will need to be shipped.

Search at Ravelry ( Go to Yarn, Advanced Search, Checkmark - Lace, Light Fingering, and Fingering. For this project I’d also checkmark Acrylic. (Don’t belong to Ravelry? It’s free to join and you’ll love it.)

Hook: Size B, 2.25 mm (you can get away with a C, 2.75 mm, but try not to). I strongly suggest using a padded crochet hook. There are many out there and you will find the brand you love. The exact hook I used is a Clover size B, 2.25 mm.

Other: Scissors, yarn needle to do the mattress stitch at the end (and hide any loose ends you might have).

Gauge: Gauge is not important unless you are going for a close to exact 8 inch square. However, here’s my gauge for the sample I crocheted.

Using Herrschners Afghan Yarn, SC, crocheting over 1 piece of yarn. 31 sts, and 30 rows = 4 inches

Tapestry Hearts Squared is a practice pattern
for Tapestry Crochet Color Change,

for Reading Graph Patterns

And for creating Rounded Looking Edges 

Just below you will find the graph pattern for the heart.
Pattern Notes are included below the graph pattern.

Simple Heart Graph Pattern

In the free PDF (at the end of this page) you'll find the full size graph pattern to create the hearts for Tapestry Hearts Squared. Because of page speed I'm only including a smaller version here.

Pattern Notes for Tapestry Hearts Squared

If you need more information on the technique of crocheting Connected Squares here’s the link to the free lesson:

IMPORTANT: Leave a yarn end of about 7 - 8 inches. This will be your sewing thread to mattress stitch up the last side. This should be more than enough unless you are using yarn that is bulkier.

Your beginning chain is 30 - this makes one heart, you will make one heart, 4 times, to make the full square. Don’t forget to add your second color (the color of your heart) over the chain.

A Note About Connected Squares: If you intend to add stitches keep in mind that your row stitch count must always be an odd number. We start with a ch 30, sc 29. If you add more stitches to the width, you must also add the same number of rows.

Use the graph pattern and finish one full heart square. DO NOT CUT YOUR YARN.

To start the next square (this applies to all of them),

Ch 1 & lean your square to the side. Your first stitch, going down the side, is always in the same stitch as your last one was -- only in the side of it. See the picture. Be careful to pick up each row as you go down. Count 29 stitches. The first row, going down the side, is always the first row of the next square.

Don’t forget to fold your second color yarn over the row so you are crocheting around it.

At the end of the 4th heart you should be at the center top. Cut the yarn you’ve been carrying (I suggest you leave a long end and use your yarn needle to weave the end in), and tie it to the white. You want to leave the white so you can still crochet with it. I hold mine with a bobby pin.

Go down to the very center, you should find your original long tail end. Thread a yarn needle with this long thread. Here’s a basic description of Mattress Stitch. If you need more, the free lesson can be found here:

Turn your project so the ‘right’ side is facing you. Make sure the thread is on this side. Mattress stitch picks up only the top threads of the stitch.

You will go back and forth, picking up the one thread of next stitch, and the next thread on the other side. Your needle should always go from the outside through 2 stitches.

After every 4 stitches stop and pull the stitches tight. Hold your yarn along the seam to pull - not up away from the work.

Pull gently.

Close the seam.

Then continue for the next 4 stitches.

One of the things that gives the mattress stitch such a nice look is the fact that you stop every 4 stitches to tighten up the seam. Please don’t try to do more stitches. Your seam won’t tighten neatly, and worse yet the yarn could snap.

When you get to the outside edge you should have your last white yarn still attached. The white thread from sewing will need to be hidden (and if you haven’t already done so, the pink will need to be hidden).

Optional: I like to single crochet one time around the whole group. In my mind it simply makes it look better. All I do is single crochet 1 in each stitch to the corner, then do 3 single crochets in the corner.

Optional: Because you ended up in the center of the square you are perfectly placed to do the Reversible Granny Square ( Continuing with this would make an awesome Baby Blanket, Throw, or even Full Size Afghan.

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