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Windowpane Earrings

Windowpane Earrings are a great little way to practice Filet Crochet Square Basics using thread. Creating a square, using Filet Crochet techniques, works with all sizes of fiber from chunky down to #10 thread. Now I can’t imagine someone making earrings with chunky yarn, but then again ...

These earrings are another memory of mine from the 1970’s. It seemed like everyone, who could crochet, had a pair of them. At that time using wild and loud colors was the thing and you would see several color changes, all kinds of sizes, and wild ideas. Hanging little charms, feathers, or beads on the outside was popular as well.

As described below the Windowpane Earrings will be 1.5 inches across.


ch = Chain

sl st = Slip Stitch

edc = Extended Double Crochet

sc = Single Crochet

Crochet Materials, Tools and Gauge for Windowpane Earrings

Yarn & Thread: Solid colors, variegated colors, 2 or 3 colors, whatever suits you. I used DMC #5 Pearl Cotton thread. Navy Blue and Pale Delft Blue for the Windowpane Earrings pictured above. 

Joann’s is a great place to buy DMC Pearl Cotton. Here’s the link to their website:
This is not an affiliate link or an endorsement. I am simply sharing for your convenience.

Hook: These Windowpane Earrings were made with size B / 2.25mm Clover brand hook. My size shows the stitches for pattern photography best. For an even better ‘looking’ pair of earrings try using a No. 0 / 1.75mm hook.

Other: Small scissors, blunt tip small yarn needle (for hiding ends), earring hooks, a needle nose pliers.

Gauge with Yarn: The earrings measure 1.5 inches across. Using Extended Double Crochet 32 stitches = 4 inches, 12 rows = 4 inches.

Changing Color

The earrings can be done in one solid color, or you could do a color change for every round if you like. I, personally, like doing a color change for the very last round. Here’s how to color change.

Step 1: Insert your hook as though you are going to make a stitch - but just leave your hook in that location.

Step 2: Leaving a long tail end (long enough to thread a needle and hide it later, usually about 3 inches), cut the color you are working with. Tie on the next color also leaving a long tail end. Note: When you hide your ends ‘pull’ the knot inside the work, hiding it.

Step 3: Finish the stitch (any next stitch) that you would have done in that location. What this does is bring up the next color, in the proper place, so the color change looks more even.

Pattern for Windowpane Earrings

Category: Intermediate

You will find the free PDF Download for these Windowpane Earrings at the end of the pattern.

If you wish to see the step-by-step instruction, with pictures, please refer to the free lesson, Filet Crochet Square Basics:

Leave tail ends long enough to thread your needle and hide them.

Rnd 1 - The Center (this is the front side)

> Ch 9, connect to the 1st chain with an EDC

> Ch 5, connect to the same 1st chain with an EDC

> Ch 5, connect to the same 1st chain with an EDC

> Ch 5, connect to the 3rd chain from the center (where you’ve been connecting) with a sl st.

Rnd 2 (this is the back side)
Turn before you chain to begin the next round. This holds true for all rounds except the Finishing / Firming Edge.

> Turn & ch 3, 2 EDC around the chain, 1 EDC into the 3rd chain (it must be into the chain, not around it), ch 5, 1 EDC into the same 3rd chain.

> **2 EDC around the chain, 1 EDC into the top of the post, 2 EDC around the next chain, 1 EDC into the 3rd chain, ch 5, 1 EDC into the same 3rd chain.** Repeat the instruction between the stars (**) 2 more times.

> 2 EDC around the chain. Color Change: Place your hook into the top chain stitch (not the post), cut the thread and tie on the next color, finish making a sl st.

Rnd 3 - Firming Edge (this is the front side)
When doing the Firming Edge always make sure you crochet this facing the Front Side. Depending on how many rounds you do you will either chain 1 and turn, or chain 1 and keep going. The earrings are chain 1 & turn.

Keep your tension firm (not uncomfortable tight) throughout this round.

> Ch 1 & turn (no this isn’t a miss type, this is where you do the normal), 1 sc in the 1st 3 stitches, 2 sc around the chain, 3 sc in the 3rd chain (it must be into the chain, not around it).

> **2 sc around the chain, 1 sc in the next 7 stitches, 2 sc around the chain, 3 sc in the 3rd chain.**

Repeat the instruction between the stars (**) 2 more times.

> 2 sc around the chain, 1 sc in the next 3 stitches, sl st into the chain space. Ch 4, sl st, back down the chain 3 times, 1 sl st in the same chain space you started in. Bind off and hide your loose ends with a yarn needle.

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